We interrupt this regular scheduled meaningless tirade to fling some appreciation toward @eurasierboy for turning into a full fledged, working and usable client in a couple of months.

It took Tweetbot years to do the same for Twitter.

So, despite #Amaroq being my preferred #iOS app of choice, primarily for it's #accessibility nods, it's #Mustor that is the only app that integrates with iOS to share media across platforms. Bravo Mustor!

Now, if you can only fix your lousy text size and blank line problem! 😡

Still very unsatisfied with #iOS apps for Masto; significant considering I use mobile 97% of time.

#Amaroq is still my go-to for the simple fact it pays attention to #accessibility (thank you), which none of the others do, but there's still some UI things I'd like to see different.

You other app-makers throwing accessibility to the wind, WTF is a matter with you? When in doubt add a config option in settings. Don't design for yourself.

And how hard can it be to allow blank lines‽ 😠

If anyone wants to make an iPad interface for I'm all for merging and assisting with it, but I'm probably not going to be doing it solo for some time.

Honestly the reason I never even bothered with the iPad is because the website actually works quite well on it

#Amaroq 最新版かなり使いやすくなったよね♪

I wanna give a nice review on the App Store but I have no idea how to do so. This seems like it should be easy to figure out...

for Mastodon v1.1.4 update: Bug fixes, username autocomplete, drafts and more~ More detailed notes on the App Store!

I have no idea why posted this as a non-link. /cc @eurasierboy

Leaving the toot up for debugging purposes, but also re-tooting with fixed link via web interface:

Amazing, still having an lying next to my laptop computer just for mastodon because is so great! Thanks @eurasierboy !

Creo que, de hecho, parte del éxito de es la facilidad para encontrar apps fáciles e intuitivas en cualquier plataforma.

Eso sí, programadores de iOS -en especial o que me encantan- haced la aplicación multicolumna en iPad.

#Amaroq benefits: multi-account support, night mode
#11t benefits: nicer design

Maybe I'll use 11t for this account in the future and Amaroq for all my novelties.

is the perry bible fellowship weeaboo comic except they all have wolf heads and they're screaming RE-A-WOO

is supposed to not be able to open links? 🤔

this toot is for to test a translation function issue i think i noticed in #amaroq.

it needs this line. and another paragraph.

kaj teon kaj kafon mi ŝategas pro mi havas seriozan dependencon de kafeino!

bone do, ni rigardu la rezultojn!

for the past few days, the #Amaroq app has been giving me an error when so try to post, so I have to attempt every post twice. sorry if I end up double posting.

@Gargron I registered for a new instance but it won't let me add it on even though there's an option in the settings--anyway you can help?

@AquaMarching yeah, same here, #Tusky too. I've also seen some Mastodon users use #Amaroq.

I'm giving the Mastodon "Mustor" a chance as my main iPhone client. We'll see how this goes. So far the notifications seem to be a lot more inconsistent than #Amaroq.