Hmm, push notifications seem not to be working in #amaroq. Anyone else?

@oceangrunge (I was able to piece together about half of that toot thanks to context and cognates, can't deal with the rest because I can't select and copy the text of a toot from #Amaroq)
I remain unconvinced that filtering is a problem if it is off by default and only set at the user level: toots in languages I don't know may as well be hidden unless we get inline translation. It beats having instances specify which language is their official instance language.

Click on a #hashtage in a post, or search for it. A quick google search led me to #amaroq for #apple. Let's see what folks have to say on its hashtag.

Probando una app de terceros hecha para

#Amaroq keeps logging me out of all my instances oh noooooo

Okay, I love that the toot button can be turned into an "Awoo!" In

Just had a weird interaction using where I tried to edit my profile from the app, and then it asked me to log in, but failed to do so (said "verification failed, have you disabled cookies") so I restarted the app and it logged me in automatically. Now I can edit my profile - I'm assuming this is through a web container?


There are times I like light and times I like dark, so I'm happy to use , , and , for that matter. Each has something I like that the others don't...

Amaroq β€” I love the size of the font. Thank you a 1000x. Accessibility is the most important, and even dark is ik when font is larger.

11t β€” I love the layout of a toot, how text wraps under the avatar. Bravo!

Tootter β€” I love the clear button bar. All timeline options there; no context shifts.


for Mastodon v1.1.3 update: More bug fixes, improvements and localization updates, including support for Dutch~ And finally, in-app browser support. x3 Rejoice! More detailed notes on the App Store!

@eurasierboy thinking of opening a PR to add notification actions to #Amaroq at some point. Think you'd be cool with that?

Wha... It's been a while, mastodon! What's your advice on android or ios apps? #caretoshare #noclue #testing #tootyfruity #tusky #amaroq

Re: threading:
I even took liberty to change the translation of "X replies" in in the case of "X replies to X" -> I made it to read something like "X continues" in Polish.

I must say I like it that way a lot, maybe other languages could follow.

Dans #amaroq on ne peut plus poster d'image dans un toot ??

My current status as shown by the part of my #iPhone home screen easiest to reach one-handed on the subway: #Twitter mostly for journalists and #tea people, #Mastodon, i.e., #Amaroq, for some interesting people who think about tech, life, the universe, and everything.

What happened to my home feed? ☹️

Does anyone know why the search in #Amaroq won't show you users on some other instances? I think it's a federation issue rather than petty instance politics, since it's between instances that are on friendly terms.