#Amaroq for Mastodon v1.0.2 update: iOS9 support is now live for anyone who is unable to update to iOS10. :3 There are no plans to support iOS8 still. Direct message support is here as well, among many other tweaks and adjustments!

The next major item on my todo list is to cleanup the navigation throughout the app to make everything easier to swipe around. Thanks for all the continued feedback 💕🐺

#Amaroq v1.0.1 update: #Amarok for Mastodon is now Amaroq, due to the naming conflict with the KDE music manager. I'm sorry if this causes any further confusion, I'll try to keep name changes to a minimum. :P Anyway, alternative spelling, same great wolf. Squeezed some updates from early feedback as well. Check it out!



I'm an iOS developer that's been building shitty apps for the better part of 7 years, mostly in startup realm. Don't bother searching for them :v Also developer of what will Soon now be called #Amaroq (currently known as Amarok), an iOS client for Mastodon. :3

I like pretending I know shit about cars, I'm a certified armchair mechanic from The Internets(tm), LOVE vintage JDM, and dogs. Dogs are so good. Send me all your dogs.