@mcnalu Could you lookup exact current Android version of your device.
I will create an account at HLA (if permitted...) and check connection from side.

@megver83 Before v.35 used provided search tools, which decided themselves, what to search and for how long.
In order to make search interface more flexible and powerful, starting from v.35 (in Beta now ) AndStatus stores Message search history in Timelines only. Go to Manage Timelines and remove all unneeded Search timelines.
Users search queries are stored for current Application run, i.e. in device memory only.

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v.35.03 brings User autocompletion during message composing and Users search. Local search works for all social networks, Users search in the Internet is supported for and
Currenly in Beta

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@mcnalu Do you mean that you upgraded firmware on your device, when you say that the problem may be due to a "recent update in android libs"?
Regarding logging in #AndStatus please read here:
You can also check "Commands in a queue" menu item for a reason of a post failure...

@falgn0n @deviant BTW according to Google Play statistics percentage of active users having Android v.4.x decreased during the last 6 months from 21 to 15%

@deviant That is another story: for connection to Mastodon uses implementation from Android firmware and _that_ implementation is outdated in Android before v.5.1, as I found out. This is why AndStatus cannot connect to some Mastodon instances on devices with Android v. before v.5...
So upgrade to at least Android 5.1 could help.

@falgn0n is for v.4.1 and higher. But I think about moving this number up as there are not many v.4.x users now...

@timotheus coolio! I installed #AndStatus (can we can it #&s?). It updates once a day on wifi, so I can a reference cache, but I don't actually use it to post.

My phone only reacts to jabber, SMS and phone calls. Each new service, even once as nifty as #Mastodon, straddles that line between useful and annoying. ^_^

@espectalll gracias compañero.
#twidere para unas cosas y #AndStatus para otras.
Un saludo.

@ZeniorXV Combination of all the three your points can currently be done in at least with , where language selection can be a part of a query string, see
Not very convenient to configure, but it works and syncs automatically!

@andstatus the last two messages was writen from quitter UI.

The thread starts at this post by @cayentana and all the following (the rest with photos)  by me are published by answering precedents.

Examples not shown in the same thread:

All of them must be in the same thread. But, honestly, I'm not sure if it's a problem with #AndStatus or node.
Thanks for being there! :)
@colegota I do see your three posts in a single thread in #AndStatus
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Testing #Andstatus posts with reduced image size / resolution.
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@taiganaut Just launch "Global Search" in #AndStatus for a #hashtag (or a !bangtag), and you will get a list of messages, which contain this tag, from all Social networks (to which your accounts belong).
Regarding slowness compared to web UI - this is due to these factors:
* Launching of a large application like Google Chrome definitely takes time.
* AndStatus stores data to a local database first, and then retrieves data from it for display. This could be optimized, of course...
@taiganaut #AndStatus doesn't copy UI of Qvitter or other Web interfaces. This is why it can do the same things in a different way.
Yes, it opens external browser, when you click on links in HTML-formatted messages. But it also allows you to Search for hastags and browse resulted list of messages offline...
Uh, is !andstatus supposed to open every hashtag in an external browser? #andstatus #noob

@cristomc Actually current design of does allow to see in one client instance of information from several accounts on different hosts as information of ONE federated social network. Basically because pumpio instances provide GUIDs of all objects (users, posts...) to a client application.
Unfortunately neither nor (developed almost yesterday...) allow this :-(
In server-to-client communication instance-local identifies are used...

@cristomc FYI supports , so it already can communicate using Activities. I expect minor changes to adapt that implementation to what currently is...
The most interesting part will be communication from a single client application with different ActivityPub implementations as with a single Global Social Network... "Navigation Drawer" in #AndStatus has "Go to the top" command
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@alexanderebhart Probiert mal #Andstatus. Das haut hier eigentlich ganz gut hin. Auch wenn die Optik nicht ganz so poliert aussieht.