An elderly former librarian, I pass things along to keep brain supple.

Sources r aggregated in #Feedly and a list on #Birdsite and items I feel worth one's time r distributed 2 #fb, Birdsite, here, and even g+. Most #garden/ag/#survival goes to fb, most #climate/#pol/#disaster/#recovery goes to the bird, and most #coop/#economy here.

I keep recurring snippets of text in TextEdit, and recurring imagery in a folder called Stuff.

This is done from a recliner on a Macbook, with lap dog & coffee.

The only downside to longer character limits than #birdsite is that unless I use more than the 140 allowed there it feels like a waste. I will artificially lengthen my sentences so that it surpasses that limit. This toot for example.

Browsing other people's accounts on from mobile has become such a major pain. Every few seconds you get a full screen popup nagging you to make an account. NO, I don't want an account, leave me be!

#Whoa, 1000 toots-or um...posts which I think means it includes boosted stuff from other people. still that's alot. I'm surprised by how quickly that happen. Take that #birdsite I like it here 100x better. :P

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#Birdsite is where texts are shared as screenshots. Stupid practise. Just link to your blog.

#armesdeutschland #dasperfektedinner ...
Themen die es zum Glück auf Mastodon nicht gibt, jedenfalls nicht in meiner Timeline ☺ #birdsite

One thing I didn't expect from #Mastodon is how people actually respond to my toots/jinxes. I ask a question, looking for information, and I actually get useful info from many people. I've tried that on #birdsite a few times, nada. And I've used twitter for years, and follow many people I know personally.

I love you fellow witches (and mastonaughts)! Let's keep the corner of the Internet wonderful!

@bes delete facebook years ago. Never wanted or used it anyways, my "family" pressured me into it when I was younger.

p.s. do we have a snarky thing we call #facebook on #Mastodon like we do #birdsite for twitter? I know we're not in direct opposition with facebook like we are birdsite. it still sucks though.

@diskotechjam politics contentwarning would be nice to avoid becoming

I had a look at #birdsite, which I'm not really using any more, and my follower count is rising. 🤔

@gled how would the instant messaging work? would it be like #birdsite?

The bir🅱's latest tactic to win me back is apparently to promote my account through their recommended follows sections.

I'm getting a much more regular stream of new followers now that I don't use it at all and have disabled the "all your friends like this one amazing chirp" notifications.

I'm starting to get upset at how subtly it's been manipulating us all this time.

#birbdragging #birdsite

How to be happy on :

1. Set up a bot that tweets out the kind of ideas you'd like to see more of in the world.
2. Never read the home timeline (or whatever they call it on )
3. Never look at your mentions

I haven't felt so peaceful about my twitter account in years! #Facebook #Youtube #birdsite #microsoft collaborating on enabling censorship of political dissidents

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@moonman spam the #birdsite with a link to your server and an invitation to "take the red pill"?