Listening to my track on my phone. Testing another player besides #schismtracker that it was created in. A tune in progress for an upcoming #linux #demoscene demo we're working on. Been a long time but it feels good to get back to sample based tracking. It's very synthwave meets chiptune.

My buddy made his own playback library by ripping the code from Schism Tracker itself so it plays properly. Cool stuff.

Wow, I haven't thought about #demoscene in eons. I remember Future Crew's "Second Reality" was particularly mindblowing, it fit on a floppy disk.

Doreen Hartmann’s scene dissertation out :
Doreen Hartmann’s doctoral dissertation has now been edited into a book form and goes by the name Digital Art Natives: Praktiken, Artefakte und Strukturen der Computer-Demoszene. It can be purchased online here and here. In addition there’s a website with further content.

Beeple on vimeo: all of the loops are amazing. Great vibe.

#demo_time #demo_de_midi
Stargazer by Orb and Andromeda

Bientôt 10 ans mais cette démo est toujours très impressionnante. La musique est sympatoche et ho putain à la fin ces Éponge de Menger…

Nearly 10years old #demo but still very impressive. Nice music and omg those Menger Sponge near the end…

#fractal #demoscene

Portage en cours de Vortex Tracker II de Delphi vers Lazarus… même que ça fait du bruit :)
Mais qu’est-ce que c’est verbeux Pascal :^)
#demoscene #chiptune

Ok, never really played with #Pascal seriously until now… 2 days ago I thought "hey, let's port Vortex Tracker II (a #tracker for YM/AY #chiptune) from #Delphi to #Lazarus".
Now it loads files ;-)


I really enjoy "Is this a demo in your pocket?" ( those days for its aesthetic (specially the title screen for some reason) and the music

Watch it here :

It's even more pleasant when you can play it on a real Gameboy :D

Comment a été composée la musique de Overdrive 2 sur Megadrive ?

Avec DefleMask (tracker spécialisé dans les chipsets FM) + un player fait maison utilisant le 68000 et le Z80 apparemment

Et voici le dump en WAV de la ROM, attention aux oreilles sur la fin ;)


: A Mind is Born - Linus Akesson

outlandish little piece of perfection, in 256 bytes.

here's also the hex dump of the whole program, more to read about here :

This thing is just awesome.

Some pixel art I found on my old, salvaged harddrive. I drew this one 16-17 years ago, I think.