Logicoma released a final version of their PC 64k intro "Engage":
60Hz YT vid:

Some nice guy uploaded on YouTube a 4K UHD 60 fps video of my @razor1911 64k intro "THE SCENE IS DEAD"! šŸ˜€ #demoscene


(this time with the good link)

recordings of some of the #Revision2017 compos:
PC 4K (meaning everything needs to be in a single file of 4KB [4096 bytes] or less; an empty Word document is more than 3x that size):
PC 64K:
Amiga 64K:
Oldskool Demo:

during the compos at Revision #demoscene

Use the #Demoscene demoscene of demoscenes

#demo_de_midi #demo_time
A bit late but not too late.
On by Mercury
Excellent music and nice visuals. Could watch it 10 times in a row.

Super musique et visuellement gƩniale. Je pourrai la matter 10 fois en boucle.

New Linux intro package : Derivations by zipola (compiled from source) 7th at Instanssi 2010

- patched the makefile & changed the executable name to avoid confusions
- fixed some compilation problems
- removed fullscreen


Les derniĆØres compĆ©titions commencent sur
PC 8k intro
Oldskool 4K Intro
Amiga Demo
PC Demo

Amazing animation and audio from 4096-byte computer program (warning: stroboscopic flashing lights) #demoscene

@fenarinarsa Merci <3, Quel est le meilleur #demoscene que tu ais vu jusqu'Ơ maintenant sur la rƩvision 2017 ?

Quelques claques des compƩtitions #demoscene d'hier soir Ơ la Revision :

Logon's Run - 3D meets the aging bits (Amstrad CPC)

Conspiracy - Vessel (64k Windows)
suivi de
Logicoma - engage (64k Windows)

Titan - Overdrive 2 (Megadrive)

La suite des compƩtitions ce soir en live Ơ 22h30 sur :D