Further we are really want to hear from you, in the greater community, what you would want from this discussion forum. (on the forum, not in a reply!)

There is currently a thread up where you are welcome to engage in conversation about what categories (boards) you would like to see.

If you are an Instance Admin we also have a category for you to connect with other Admins. This is to serve as a complement and/or replacement to the admin discord channel/matrix, as well as the mailing list.

If you want a sub-category for your server or connected servers (white-lists etc.) you can reply to this post, what have you:

We are slowly but surely setting up different categories on the forum.

If you are an app developer, or have any other associated development with Mastodon and want to easily stay in touch with translators we are now offering sub-categories in the translation category:

If you are interested in helping with translations, this forum will be a good place for you!

And while we're at it. Since 1.4 RC is live, and available to test out.
There is a feedback thread relating to it:

Instance Admins of !
Run any cool customization on your instance?
Show it off on on our board:


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Instance admins have their own discussion board, which we are hoping to expand.

Hopefully we can move away from Discord in this regard. Just drop in and leave us feedback on how you’d like to use it.


Finally managed to update #discourse instance running outside of docker. I haven't update it for quite a while since it was always breaking. But did some tweaking to nginx, enabled puma and changed some configs (mainly puma.rb and sidekiq.conf)

We are still running #discourse on #lxc container instead of #docker

This blog post helped a lot

Dîtes, les usagers de #Discourse, vous connaîtriez des sites qui l'utilisent particulièrement bien ? J'avais remarqué celui de #MaVoix.Organisation, visuel ... tout ça, nous cherchons de l'inspiration :-)

cc @pyg @datagueule


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Not online much while at A Maze. Enjoying the lack of in my life rn.

I just wanna say that I'll take Mastodon turmoil and over whatever the fuck's going down in Drupal right now, which is much more typical of F/LOSS.

Also if you don't know don't look, save yourself 🔁

@Rushyo @starhaze @lnxw48a1 One thing I have learned watching the and running other online discussion groups: that never goes away.

Today's : what is the best flavor of ice cream? And what about sherbert? Sorbet? Gelato?

I love rainbow sherbert. I also love egg cream gelato and chocolate marshmallow ice cream. Green tea mochi ice cream is also delicious.

What say you?

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