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Welcome to :

- introduce ppl to each other

- about improvmentns of the

- reflection about our here

- advice tipps and tricks around the fediverse

I'll start with

@Antanicus talks about current events and politics

@javalucy <--boosted nice stuff ;-)

@amphetamine ( queer anarchist buddhist engineer )

@Curator curates and creative thoughts for th'Fediverse

Also as I'm no longer on my own island y'all won't be getting biting commentary from me on this one. I can burn bridges when it's my own instance lol, but I don't think "moist #discourse" is gonna come back for this one

tbh the only thing that I really get annoyed at with some folks on here is how they talk shit and then try and walk it back.

Where I come from if y'all are talking shit, we own that and we keep our receipts. People talk shit in peoples faces lol.

but the amount of time I see someone being a shithead and then hiding behind the #discourse tag is annoying as fuck. If you talk shit you own it and if you can't defend it well you get hit.

fuck out of here with that other noise

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I've saw these discussions many time. And I think be need to becarefull about this .
There are different logicial paths, and we tent to stay often in our own path, which makes our arguments unvailid to the other path.
If we understand the value of each path, we can find a solution which is serving all.

@0x1f415 @USBhump

I need to say that I have been already in many discussions where ppl tend to use in order to protect their statement and misslead the

I would love to see mastodon evolving into a place with open and fruitfull discussions, no matter of theme.

I would love if the could evolve into a day discussing our culture and communication style.

you like the idea? spread it and join

@b9AcE @jeroenpraat @jd

@amphetamine My ideal company (say I got to set it up from the get go) would use a decent email provider, and #jabber for instant messaging. But everyone would be actively discouraged from email each other, and would instead use #Discourse for all internal and external communications.

Their inboxes would be for queuing notifications, and if we lost all the mail, it should have a minimal impact on operations (communications-wise, transactional email should be separate).

I have a topic for

GMOs for massive consumption, what the fuck is up with that?

I was thinking about doing a "this week on mastodon" kinda thing but I don't want to even think about #discourse

Even if you "win" the discussion always check your arguments post . That's the communist way, bih.

How would the community like the following:

- building a plug in so that everyone with a account can lock into discourse
- content you write there is then streamed between the and

some positive effects are:
- your follower can easly join in your
- you can easly join in a discussion
- conversation are structured and well searchable through discourse and federated through and co
- it will spread popularity of fediv. and discourse

@maloki Something tells me #Discourse doesn't have an #OpenID plugin, because OpenID is too good and federated to be supported by capitalists.

Jeff Atwood also said this incredibly stupid piece of garbage in a thread, showing his immense ignorance of the benefits of federation (maybe I _don't_ want to give out my email address!!! that's the whole POINT!!!):
ยปThe main broken assumption in openid was failure to associate email with user identity. Without email, we have no way to reach users.ยป source:

Our great friend in the !fediverse has joined that discussion too and obviously there's still no properly federated (arbitrary enduser choice of authorization) login solution.

On this line, I am by not replying to work related things until I sit down and clock-in to work.

It is good to remember that I am only hired to work 20hrs / week, at maximum, and that I have (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which is another reason for why I need to set proper boundaries.

So no, I'm probably not ignoring you, but if you want to be really sure I notice your feedback, post it on It will get read.

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We have to arrange some tooting schedules. Y'all can't be logging in and out mid . I'm not having that.