Indie game idea: Sandbox game with a literal sandbox and typical sandbox toys (a plastic shovel, a generic Tonka truck, and a bucket).

Make it cost a fiver and people will buy it as a joke.

If it's made with a VR mode, it'll probably sell well and people will somehow have fun.

It could have a social mode, but everyone should look like a toddler to everyone else. Randomly assign gender and race of course (or make everyone an alien child).

#gameing #game #vr #silly

#gaming: Accurate reload animations meticulously researched based on experience with real-world guns.


it's that time of the week again! send me your cool short games, and i might play them on tonight at 8PM EST! #gameing

I'm confused, is #gaming bad or is #gameing bad? Do I want to be tired or wired?

Tag yourself, I'm tired.

I'm so tired.




hey everyone i have a #gameing question

has anyone here played the System Shock remaster and is it worth the money? i'm thinking of playing it because SHODAN appeals to my cyber nihlisitc tendencies

I went ahead and made an account on so if you wanna be up do date on my #gameing adventures go follow @verydumb

#gameing update - Disgaea: Chapter 1 complete. I actually enjoy the cast in this one. The story's not been anything too revolutionary, but it's got that "bunch of a-holes" vibe that I enjoy way too much.

Also, I may have cheesed a level just by hucking enemies at each other for fun.

i continue to fragment my identity across the fediverse. i can now also be found at (@bunnyhero) for #gameing stuff and (@bunnyhero) where all i do is post selfies

i'm lost in a nostalgia hole, watching let's plays of old amiga games on youtube #gameing

#gaming: making videos debunking popular video game rumors

#gameing: making your own video game rumors


Most boring: Wurm Online/Unlimited
Least Interesting: uhhhhHH sudoku? I guess? Even that's kinda interesting?


Been working a game engine architecture series which focuses on the architecture of game engines like #unity or #unreal engine. Check it out #gameing people!

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