Bought some games with that sweet trading card money:
Enemy Mind, Overdosed, Split/Second, Starward Rogue

Well, that's the end of the Steam sale for me. Decided on The Long Dark and the Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea, which I really should get back to playing.

The funny thing is, even though I've got stuff on my wishlist I just couldn't think of anything else that's an actual priority for me right now. Between that and the fact that Finding Heaven, the follow-op to To The Moon, is due out this year, I think I've got covered for now.

Valve is apparently making an Oculus Touch-esque controller that they're calling Knuckles.

So uh

Vive 2 & Knuckles?

@staticsafe #Valve is truly evil, their biggest crime is bringing back lower bit #gameing by empowering indie game developers; while in the process holding them prisoner. It's like bringing back an extinct species and keeping it in a zoo.

why would Valve make another game ever? They rake in the money from their DOTA 2 and TF2, not to mention their main business of selling games.

It appears to me that they are quite comfortable with their current state.


Getting ready for a nice night of 🍷 and 🎮 ()

I'm not a game dev but one of my biggest game pet peeves is players assuming it's "just a simple tweak, model change, or coding" to adjust something. Like it's something a single dev can do in an afternoon.

"48 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!"


The one sure recommendation I can make this Steam sale:

DOOM (2016) [$14.99 USD]

Amazing game with an amazing soundtrack


Oh, I forgot to post this earlier, but I managed to catch two of my fave johto 'mon today ^^


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Just finished Uncharted 3.

Overall an improvement over the last two, better story set-pieces and more varied combat scenarios. I do wish there was more Cutter and Chloe though.

Also, the soundtrack is probably the best so far.


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