Level 31. I was playing this off and on for a couple days, haha. (#gameing I guess)


Obduction is amazing and you should all go buy it and play it RIGHT NOW. #gameing

Currently sitting at about 3100 trophies in Clash Royal #gameing

@Gargron i will never stop dunking on #gameing

Best screenshot I took of the lynx family gathering event in #Meadow last Saturday. 🐱 'Twas fun. #gameing

I love this game; it's so relaxing. In fact it's about the only multiplayer game I can play without getting overwhelmed by stress at the moment. Also: fuzzy animals everywhere having fun & being friends with each other. 🐰🦊🐻🐸

I should squeeze in some #gameing before work...

i think this is like the first time ever im tuning into one of those "reveal/news streams" from #gameing things but regardless im doin it