I love that #bhyve (a hypervisor similar in scope to kvm in #linux) in #HardenedBSD has CFI, SafeStack, PIE, RELRO, and Capsicum applied. It makes me feel all nice and warm inside. #FreeBSD

<p>@lattera No mirrors in Japan for <a href="">#<span>hardenedbsd</span></a> ?</p>

I'll kick off new binary updates for #HardenedBSD today.

The good thing about #HardenedBSD is that we don't rely on the availability of grsecurity's code for our port. We rely on documentation. In fact, we can't use grsecurity's code since it's GPL.

So, over the past week:

1. Replaced outside faucet
2. Added two new independent twenty-amp circuits for #HardenedBSD infrastructure.
3. Installed Nest thermostat
4. Built custom shelving in master bedroom
5. Repainted my home office with dry erase-friendly paint
6. Reorganized my home office
7. Went on a ferris wheel for the very first time in my life
8. Kicked off a new package build for #HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT/amd64.
9. Ported SafeStack to the #OPNsense ports tree

The #HardenedBSD ports tree has now surpassed 27,000 ports!

Binary updates for #HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT, 11-STABLE, 11-STABLE/LibreSSL, and 10-STABLE on amd64 have been published.

The 12-CURRENT update includes the change from upstream #FreeBSD to switch arc4random(9) to #ChaCha20.

The one thing I want most for the #HardenedBSD community: code contributions.

What I love most about the #HardenedBSD community is the focus on helping each other, making the world a better place.

Looks like if I'm going to run #Mastodon on the #RPI3 or #Pine64, it'll have to run #Linux and not #HardenedBSD. #NodeJS doesn't support #FreeBSD/arm64.

Time to build new packages for #HardenedBSD/arm64.

@r4stl1n no clue. I don't use Apple hardware. I'm rocking #HardenedBSD on a Dell Precision 7510.

@maonao #HardenedBSD's working on SMAP/SMEP support for amd64.

I'll publish a new binary update for #HardenedBSD/arm64 today. It'll include PAN support. Not many devices support PAN, though.