There is not a day in your life that doesn't deserved to be fully lived

hey !
Hope you enjoy your evening/morning/whatever time you guys are at!

Just take a sec to think about the following:
Online communities aren’t obvious - it wasn’t always around - and we need to keep in mind the massive work of many people who have allowed these open platforms to be a real thing - where real people can talk freely to each other and communicate - exchange ideas / POV.

This is not obvious.
This can go tomorrow - if we don’t care.
so lets care

Is Ashton Kutcher going to migrate here so he can become relevant again for having the most followers? #justathought

@justine I was wondering if you can make a hashtag or something equivalent and make it easier to search for your mum toots so that we all can boost those mum toots easily no matter how busy we would be. I haven't even tried anything and have no clue if it works, though.