Today's #LundukeHour postponed due to an illness that is rendering me... less than camera ready. Fingers crossed for episodes Fri - Sun.

Going to spare you all from watching me sneeze and blow my nose for an hour. No new #LundukeHour today. Today's show moved to Saturday.

Tomorrow is Linux Day on the #LundukeHour! Got questions for us? Reply here if you want to be sure I see 'em!

This week on the #LundukeHour:

Tue- Review: Dell Precision 5720 AiO
Wed- Review: lulzbot Mini 3D Printer
Thur- Linux Day!
Fri- Lunduke Labs #3

Oh, and tomorrow is Linux Thursday on #LundukeHour! Got questions or topics? Reply here and I'll do my best to not miss 'em! :)

3/4ths of the family is sick. Today's #LundukeHour release might need to wait until the kids are in bed tonight. One of those days. :)

Wednesday, June 14th. Right here:

This is gonna be fun.

Related note: No new #LundukeHour today as I prep for "WWW Sucks" tomorrow. It'll be worth it.

Would love to see developers from the likes of Tails, Tor and the such like talking about privacy/secuirty on the

Byran Lunduke has some great idea about how to get Firefox back on track: Privacy! (also Firefox light, terminal and full privacy version!)

Mozilla just hire him as a consultant!

See more in the

" "Linux Thursday - Gender Politics Edition" - Lunduke Hour"

#linux #mozilla #privacy #lundukehour

Tomorrow is Linux Thursday on #LundukeHour! What will you ask? Will it be awesome? WILL IT?!

For those that don't know, or aren't paying attention, @BryanLunduke has a Minds page. Don't want to use FB? He is posting links to articles and his Linux videos there as well. I suggest you check it out. #LundukeHour

Today's #LundukeHour will be released tomorrow morning. To tide you over, here's a playlist about things that suck:

Today's #LundukeHour will be a few hours late. Started a large 3D print without realizing how long it'd take. I'm a newb.

Next week on #LundukeHour:
Mon- System76 Oryx Review
Tue- Lunduke Labs #2
Wed- ArcaOS (new OS/2) Review
Thur- Linux Day!

Tomorrow is Linux Thursday on #LundukeHour! Got questions for us? Reply here to make sure my lazy bottom sees them!

Today's #LundukeHour - a hands on look at ArcaOS (the new OS/2) - is rendering! But I'm sleepy! Show will be online in the morning! :)

Tuesday's #LundukeHour guest had to cancel. Any requests for last-minute guests or topics? :)

No new #LundukeHour today. Memorial Day here in the States. Headed to the zoo to have a picnic. The show is back tomorrow. :)