Mirad qué interesante, un #bot con los datos de uso en tiempo real de #mastodonsocial: @mastodonusercount

@Menura74 @DerBlaueMond

Help! The feed is turning to garbage. Save me from all this inane drivel...


@aeonlamb I distincly remember it being just that during the spring.

And isn't all that is. There's an ever expanding varity of instances.

And fuck the federated timeline. Who the fuck could track all that gibberish.

The current climate makes me dream back about a week, when was filled with persian.

At least then, I could imagine that the speakers were having interesting things to say, instead of overt declaration of sexuality and impotent claims of what piece of pop culture belongs on which side of an imaginary political fence.

isn't about lgbtq discussions. It's the gateway to Mastodon, as I understand it. It's about everything. Prior to this weekend, the primary focus was politics and tech.

Give it a week or two. The one-note:ers will find a better echo chamber to rub eachother's backs in.

@junjin Because I do not have to move anywhere for your benefit or for your counter-productive and destructive rhetoric. It's not your priviledge to dictate who's active at

To all the bigots that promote ejecting heterosexuals from :

That's really not your job or your priviledge to do. And trying to do it makes you no different from a homophobe. Actually, it makes you a heterophobe.

@natecull Hmm. Some kind of spam attack. I wonder if it compromised server or server? Or a MiTM on #OStatus?!?

Én amúgy itt olvastam először a Mastodonról:
Vicces, hogy a cikkíró mennyire kifordítva látja a dolgokat: "Váratlan segítséget kapott a Mastodon a most kijött új lemezének promóciójához." Pedig hát igaziból az alig ismert #mastodonsocial kapott ezzel nagy segítséget a nagyon ismert zenekartól, amiről el lett nevezve.

Is there any users on the ? Should I build a native app?

We trust these CMs to speak for and act in the best interest of m.s. CMs currently have full administrative powers, they will follow this protocol for moderation:

The google doc allows you to comment, in case you have feedback to help us improve these protocols, as you can see it’s only a version 0.5.


@CM_rushyo @CM_noelle @CM_chrismartin

We are pleased to announce our new community moderators: @CM_chrismartin, @CM_noelle, and @CM_rushyo.

Their job is to help deal with reports, they are your point of contact for community related issues.

They are here to enforce the Community Guidelines, which can be found here:


Dobrý ráno, je tu někdo? Nebo budu zase lovcem bobříka sociálního mlčení.

can't follow @larand from Quitter either. Any idea why this might be happening @hannes2peer? I can follow other users on #Mastodon.Social

An interesting difference b/t the #UX of & (which is brand spanking new) is that #SocialCoop's #federatedtimeline has a much higher signal:noise ratio due to being less fully networked to the #Fediverse. #MastodonSocial's timeline is about 90% languages I don't know, while #SocialCoop is about 90% I do.

Be curious to see if a certain scale means we'll be connected to most of the Fediverse, or if our niche will insulate compared to's role as a hub.

Hello ! J'ai un souci. Lorsque j'écris sous Mastodon, le correcteur d'orthographe se met à l'anglais. Y'a-t-il un moyen d'avoir le correcteur d'orthographe en français ?