Joined with a friend last week and made an interplanetary matching game!

こんにちは! 私はまるきです! ゲームプランナーとドット絵作家です. 現在のゲームプロジェクトは「アフタータイル」:

A shrine maiden takes a nap with her ghost friends.
In Aftertile, no one is ever alone.
✧Conquer solitude with togetherness✧

Since Mastodon seems to have grown a lot lately, any Swedish game devs around? :flag_se: :video_game:

Working on seeding stuff today, and maybe savegame stuff. It's gonna be a good amount of work, but it's going pretty well!!
Also I made the lighting changeable so that screenshots are actually, like, visible in daylight

OUT NOW: Secret Spaces v0.3.0-alpha: The Surf's Up-Date! Ride bloomseeds! Discover new secrets! Fall down a hole and die!

decided to grow some vines in the infinite tower -- they prefer to have lots of space to grow downward, and often thrive over holes in the floor