I often wake up thirsty, but there's not much I can get that satisfies me, aha. I keep working on scourging the net for #MegaMan stuff though.

#MegaMan 2 absolutely deserves a position on a list of the best games of all times, if for no other reason than the developers made it in their free time; Comcast wouldn't pay for it after poor sales of the first Mega Man, and the team said "screw it, we'll do it anyway" and built one of the most iconic games (and franchises) in gaming history.

Finished Battle Network 5 and im just dying, my babs. My beauties.

I didn't do any introduction posts but nonetheless, I'm a romantic writer who tries to do everything, draws, edits, makes emojis, has various blogs and Mega Man projects, is a workaholic, a broken mess of feelings, depression and pain, and does commissions for all of the above. is my life. Tends to fawn over characters and ponder deeply on fic ideas. Loves gentleness, , and may mention nudity and intimacy about charas casually if alone. Is extremely sensitive of misandry.

This isn't finished and I'm already super late for also, aha c': I'm so slow and doing all those patterns manually,,,, idek if it looks okay now, I was exhausted yesterday and just. Bed. I'm sorry for not making you enough justice Rock, OTL

The dreams I had with Rock today were amazing<3

Aaaaah, I had dreams about Glyde.EXE and the Rockman.EXE crew, and that makes me so happy <3<3<3<3<3

oooh new - dont know how nobody bought it before me. got it for 2£. i love & ;)

old Roll doodle made in Flash, still holds up