@ooburr I'm new here too so can't say what not to do, but I'm enjoying watching everyone building their instances and communities and creating this shared platform from scratch. I'm enjoying listening in on the tags and . I've also created accounts on a few other instances to check out instances, and how search and info sharing works across federated instances. Enjoy Mastodon! :)

Speaking of feedback, we have set up a channel for all of it at which you are all welcome to, to join the discussion.

Step one is figuring out how we want to use it. You can start by joining the discussion here:

Any etc can be directed to this website.

Very frequent "Oops! Something went wrong" on these days (using Firefox web browser on Debian).
Need to reload the whole page everytime.

Anything going wrong?

Cc: @Gargron

@Support I have an instance up and running, but my images are not loading. I am getting 404 errors on all images. Everything else is working fine. Can you point me in the right direction?

Regarding Mastodon hashtag searches:

I’m writing a new Mastodon blog post and want to be sure that I understand hashtag searches - #needhelp please.

It seems that since I'm running a search when logged into a specific instance, that the results of the search may differ between instances, since each instance chooses which other instances to connect to. (?)

Could someone tell me please if I have a correct understanding of this? Thanks.

#mastodon #meta #metadon
#smem #vost

Hmm, I can't get Tusky to work on my instance on 7.0. #needhelp

On my own hosted instance, Local timeline ceased activity 4 days ago, now federated has stopped yesterday. Local ceased after upgrade (docker instance) from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1, federated died after 1.3.2 upgrade. #needhelp #mastodev help?

I continued writing about release management, which is something that’s a lot on my mind right now, and I’m trying to refine my thoughts. With the help of some cool people, thank you for your help.

I did some off quick support for some people who tagged me. If you can avoid it , there are a lot of other people who can help you better than Gargron or I. There are etc, for your benefit.

Thank you for your time.

@fallerOfFalls Hey, These kinda questions are better directed at (for futrure reference) since both me and Gargron get swamped in user support (with over 1000 different instances, .. you gt the picture).
However, you could consider this tool:

Some peopel use emoticons in their name to indicate that they dont use the account any more ☠ ❌
And another to indicate which they do.

How do we force a refresh of a column in Mastodon web page?

Are we forced to refresh the whole web page?

Bonjour !

Je compte migrer mon cloud de Dropbox vers une solution type Nextcloud ou Cozycloud. De votre côté, vous utilisez/conseillez quoi comme architecture ?

1. Hébergement à la maison
- Raspberry + NAS ?
- Raspberry + Disque externe ?
- Serveur dédié ?

2. Hébergement à l'extérieur ?
- Serveur mutualisé ?
- Serveur dédié ?

Merci pour vos retours !

Can anyone please confirm if can read me? I am trying to see if I fixed my federation issue. #needhelp

#mastodonUpdate am I the only one to have troubles with

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile

rails aborted!


Add-on to previous question:

Does anyone remember Twirssi, the Twitter/ script for irssi? Is there a project like that for #Mastodon?

(I don't see one in the official client list -- thanks to everyone who linked it! :)

#CLI #irssi #NeedHelp

Is there a command line client for #Mastodon? If there's more than one, what are people using?

#CLI #NeedHelp

For anyone on the Instance needing help:

"Remember when asking for help you can use the Hashtag as a first line, and just tag us in longer down the line when we are really needed to answer something impossible."

The local address for tagging on this Instance is just @Support and it may be worth following them too.

Due to technical difficulties, it is nearly impossible for me to go back longer than a week to help you guys with your questions!

Remember when asking for help you can use the Hashtag as a first line, and just tag us in longer down the line when we are really needed to answer something impossible.

Hopefully we'll have a better system to stay in touch with you all soon™

/ @maloki
Signing off.

#needhelp w #Mastodon : If I click "Clear Notifications" do I lose them? Scared to click!