I've been handed the creative challenge of writing an article about my life as a circus and theatrical clown!

I thought it would be fun to #crowdsource the #questions from #mastodon since that's where the editor @erdal and I first connected.

Please boost and reply with any questions you have about #circus, #cabaret, #clown, #theater, etc.

I'll try to answer all of the questions, and the most interesting ones will make their way into the final article.

#amwriting #creativetoots #needhelp #art

Hmm... Does implement featured posts or am I seeing things? (or, more likely, hitting a bug?) #needhelp

mastodon instance admins: how do y'all handle "I give you permission to share these private posts" and such? (how do I tag this for instance admins to see? #mastodon #admins #mastoadmins #needhelp )

@recobox if you have any questions feel free to use the hashtag
If you're looking for people to follow check out and

Coucou masto, un ami a besoin d'un avocat pénaliste français dans le cadre d'une demande de prise d'attache. Des contacts à conseiller ?

Idéalement, qu'il s'y connaisse un peu en numérique. Merci beaucoup <3 Contact par DM

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#AdminNeedHelp #NeedHelp

I have a high number of retries in Sidekiq, all of them have error "ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1)", and task is Pubsubhubbub::DeliveryWorker.

Anyone had/has this problem? Thanks!

What kind of weirdness is this home TL? Is it a bug, or something on my end?
#bugreport #needhelp etc...


I have a prop build for an upcoming performance that requires the printing out, and subsequent shredding, of a large amount of text. For additional embedded comedy, suggest a public domain or creative commons licensed text I should use!

#needhelp #creativetoots #performanceart

Someone on Twitter just sent a shout into the void asking if there are any #Mastodon instances by and for #sexworkers. Anyone know of a thing?

#needhelp #nsfw

@Support Hi! :) I've noticed that most of the instances that I see on have "About this instance" text written in a human language that I don't know how to read. I'm wondering if it might be possible to add support for filtering based on the language(s) that the "About this instance" text is written in?

Re: @Mastodon

"no one monitors this account, don't message it"

Use @Support if you want help.

OR ask questions publicly attaching and people will help answer your questions! (this is the best option)

@swordjaw Unlisted posts are *never* viewable in the public and federated timelines - it's what unlisted means, I think?

As for whether *public* posts from locked accounts are in the timelines, I'm not sure. I've not tested it. Hopefully someone else knows the answer to this!


Does anyone know if there is a default #Mastodon CSS type of thing that I could use to help me make my own style sheet?


I'm attempting to make a style sheet thing for Mastodon because want it to be dark text on a light background, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can make the columns have borders?

#needhelp #help

A friendly remider:
This account does not have anyone monitoring it, so questions are better directed at @Support or one of our community moderators:
@CM_chrismartin @CM_noelle @CM_rushyo @CM_eramdam
Alternatively check out the github for issues ,
or discourse for questions

@ooburr I'm new here too so can't say what not to do, but I'm enjoying watching everyone building their instances and communities and creating this shared platform from scratch. I'm enjoying listening in on the tags and . I've also created accounts on a few other instances to check out instances, and how search and info sharing works across federated instances. Enjoy Mastodon! :)

Speaking of feedback, we have set up a channel for all of it at which you are all welcome to, to join the discussion.

Step one is figuring out how we want to use it. You can start by joining the discussion here:

Any etc can be directed to this website.

Very frequent "Oops! Something went wrong" on these days (using Firefox web browser on Debian).
Need to reload the whole page everytime.

Anything going wrong?

Cc: @Gargron