I make a lot of varied music, releasing a single/EP/album every other month as a standard.

I'd love to have to take on less commissioned work (you can hire me to compose/produce/record an OST for yr game/film/play!) if I earned a few hundred dollars over Patreon.

If you've ever enjoyed/appreciated my rants about queer topics/trans rights/sex workers rights/general antifa stories on the net, then I also have a Ko-fi for those who can't pay monthly fees but have some spare change 'n' good intentions -

Gonna do a delayed #FF cuz I'm a tool.

@WelshPixie does a ton of great graphic, fine art & video work -

@retroremakes writes wonderful pieces & has been a beacon of hope for humanitarian games lovers in/near/inspired by the NW of the UK for years and years -

@creatrixtiara is stellar in several fields and hirable for advice re inclusivity, game design, research, and 100 other topics -

And I'm gonna give a HUGE shout-out to every admin/mod on Awoo, cuz they made the best space on Masto, and they support artists who are marginalized & sent regular abuse elsewhere on the 'net -


hi everyone!
i just made a new post on patreon featuring a few sketches and some thoughts about art vs. self-loathing, inspiration and being a "bad" artist.

if you wanna support me i'm here:

i deal mostly in gay vikings and related pagan & low fantasy queer shit, nature photography and all that good stuff 😊

(ps: three dollars gets you access to the naked stuff /wink)

More thinking on membership platforms and patronage (#onedollarpatreon) :

Why would you support and pay to somebody regularly to make art?

Because you want to.

You want art in this world, you want creators to create for the world, not for you, but for everyone. You hate commodification of everything and disappearance of Commons.

You want to support artists contribution, cause they are the biodiversity of Commons.

Be patrons to the arts. You want to.

/cc @eylul

@indi Have you looked at #OneDollarPatreon ? It should have some good ideas for you.

Best of luck with the fallout πŸ€—

@TechieInAK No worries, hopefully can do some good for ya.

@TechieInAK 😁

For some reason this didn't show in ...

FROM LAST FORTNIGHT, ON THE PATREON: sketches for $20-and-up subscribers for June! these were SUPER FUN TO DO, i’ll use any excuse to draw hot birds and my Nerf gals.

WANT A PIECE OF THIS ACTION? Subscriptions to my Patreon start as low as $1! #onedollarpatreon #nsfw

retoots/awoos/whatevers are also encouraged! trying to boost membership a little, heh.

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Nick from latchkey kingdom just drew a rat for me as a #patreon reward. #onedollarpatreon

I love it.

The description I gave was "imagine a gnome. That gnome is a bard. That bard has higher charisma than any bard you've ever seen. Instead of clothes, that bard wears a potato sack.

Now, imagine that instead of a gnome, that bard is in fact a rat, with crazy bluffing."

Oh hey, there was that whole #OneDollarPatreon thing going around, is that still a thing? (Also just #Patreon I guess)
If so, I've got one up now -
I'm honestly directionless but I want to make music, podcasts, and blog stuff.
My main big thought for a podcast is an LGBTQIA-focused show where I get guests of all sorts on to talk about their spots in being LGBTQ+ and the issues they face.

I still have dollars to give for . I'm short if my $25 commitment and need your help!

I said $25 and I'm on a mission!

On Saturdays, I like to repost old fiction on a monthly theme (Winter, Love, Ireland, flowers…) on my #Patreon for some free reading.
Thus: Midnight, Summer Solstice - a repost story of summer
Now on Patreon for everyone to read

@jasminehenry Since you're asking 3 main questions

1: Tip jars I contribute to even though there is no 'reward'

2: Some artists create a zine or offer early access. Depending on the artist and my overall interest levels I'll be most interested in these two rewards.

3: Yes, the tag and recommendations from others. I also LOVE words and reading. I'm content to just give writers cash to help them keep writing... The world needs more words IMHO.

I'm seriously considering taking the $5 tier off my Patreon and going all-in on since it's a concept that sounds better and better to me the more I think of it.

I'm not really a big fan of tiers in the first place, given people who can't afford a lot are just as nice as the people who can afford more.

folks who have Patreons - can any of you spare a moment and answer some questions for me please?

its not for an article, im just thinking about signing up!