Found in /usr/bin/finger sources on

64 /* Don't bitch about it, just handle it... */

Currently upgrading/updating to the latest snapshot on my laptop I am! Weehee... =^)

Heads up: The machdep.lidsuspend compat sysctl is going away. Use machdep.lidaction in sysctl.conf (0:disable/1:suspend/2:hibernate)

Started playing with #OpenBSD today a bit. The open source, privacy-respecting, freedom-granting goodness of #Linux with some serious elegance thrown in. I have *got* to look into this further.

Today on -daily we reap the child of dhcpd and discuss further required changes.

More test hiking for the t2k17 post-hackathon hike. On a hill in southern Germany this time.

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Converting german encoded stream to a nifty x265 Matroska file, Full HD, 50fps, ~1G/hr video:

ffmpeg -i filename.ts -vcodec copy -acodec aac -strict -2 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 filename.mkv

German broadcasting is using a special version of for audio. Be sure that your is compiled with support for fdk-aac. Due to licensing problems it's not included in . brew on mac supports fdk-aac, also on and

Today on -daily we investigate dhcpd not killing it's own children (spotted by sthen@)

Alright, so who's the wise guy that made YouTube and Twitch work on ? 🕵

We have been reading -daily for over a month without missing a single day!

Replaced CenturyLink provided router with doing PPPoE + got going. Thanks @canadianbryan for the with link to the manual

Today on -daily we learn how sysutils/tabled interacts with pf using the devices ioctl's.

Giovanni Bechis (giovanni@)'s talk @ 2017, "Pledge(2): Mitigating security bugs" Video: