Big accomplishment for today: Getting my touch menu podium switched over to #VRTK. All the code I'll actually use is now switched over to that framework, and the new implementations are literally a quarter of the length with half the imports. I <3 #opensource!

Tomorrow, I'll work on getting the shield-spawning logic going. I want the player to be able to switch teleport-hand and shield-hand at will.

[J-10] Événement #Opensource #LogicielLibre dédiés aux Entreprises, Collectivités, Associations : #RPLL2017 #RMLL #Saintetienne

Purism's laptops are getting more and more popular and that's good news!

They build laptops with Linux installed and privacy in mind.
They also designed a tablet pc "Transformer" with Linux.

A good initiative to support!

"Purism’s Security Focused Librem Laptops Go Mainstream as General Availability Begins"

#OpenSource #Privacy #Hardware #Laptop

Los desarrolladores de buscan la colaboración de sus usuarios, para continuar o abandonar el desarrollo de determinadas funciones y características, de este conjunto libre de herramientas ofimáticas.

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Hello Mastadon.

I've been posting #music on #Diaspora's #opensource #socialnetwork as well as posting #photos on #instagram. Now.. I will post things here as well.

I am an #electronic #musician and #photographer in #Seattle. My info is at

Thanks for having me ;-)

Anya~ (Squirrel)

#DTAP La @HATVP publiera le code source du répertoire des représentants d'intérêts au plus tard le 15/10/2017 #OpenSource #Lobbying

Hey, what's a good open source tool for drawing database diagrams? I liked, but it becomes unmanageable once you have more than like 5 models.