Any web site can become a PWA – but we need to do better by @codepo8. Yes, yes and yes I want that as well

Any web site can become a PWA – but we need to do better #PWA #MorningLinks

I like the idea of having PWA more powerful than Native App. For me it's already done because they are free and philosophically better.

Been using for 2+ years and since this #PWA there's really no reason to use the native app anymore...


Twitter Lite PWA Significantly Increases Engagement and Reduces Data Usage. Next Hangout and Facebook messenger?

A Case for Progressive Web Applications in 2017 - great read on performance, bandwidth costs and emerging markets

Are there any instances that use Service Workers? Just curious. #pwa #serviceworkers #progressivewebapps

Instagram launches mobile web sharing to pursue global growth

A lot of people were complaining about the lack of publishing feature on Instagram website. It's now released. #instagram #pwa #webapp

Awesome to see Mastodon launch with some benefits right out the gate!

Offline first support w/ service workers would really bridge the gap between native app offerings and the web app.

Good thing Mastodon is open source. Maybe that would be a good project 🤔

cc @Gargron

Having fun at the #Google #PWA roadshow in #Rio. So good to see old friends here #PWARio

Progressive Web Apps - The next step in Responsive Web Design

Good, practical guide to turning your web site into a Progressive Web App (PWA).

PWAs are important because it allows your site to be used offline, on flaky connections, etc.