Star Wars.
- The Kitty Menace
- Attack of the Meows
- Revenge of the Kittens
- A New Pussy.
- The Meow Strikes Back
- Return of the Kitty
- The Cat Awakens
- The Last Meow

Wild Wild Cat, Cats in Black, The League of Extraordinary Cats, Catman and Robin, Big Cats in Little China #replacemovietitleswithcats


Cat on a Hot Tin Cat
Citizen Cat
Gone With the Cat
12 Angry Cats
Rosemary's Cat
The Cats of Wrath
Anatomy of a Cat
It's a Wonderful Cat
Invasion of the Cat Snatchers
Gentlemen Prefer Cats
The Day the Cat Stood Still
No Cats for Old Men
There Will Be Cats

For a fistful of kittens
For a fistful of kittens more
The good, the bad, and the kitten


Cat Wars: The Phantom Menace in the Hall
Cat Wars: A New Lap
Cat Wars: The Empire Strokes Back
Cat Wars: Return of the Kitty
Cat Trek II: The Nap of Couch
Cat Trek III: The Search for Spot*
Cat Trek IV: The Voyage Home From the Vet
Cat Trek V: The Furry Front Paw (on your nose)
Cat Trek VI: The Undiscovered "Present"
Lord of the Couch: Pillowship of the Napping
Lord of the Couch: The Two Towering Cat-Trees
Lord of the Couch: Return of the String

*Data's cat

Cat Away
Tigers that Bind
Feline Minnesota
Toy Stray
Bye Bye Birdie