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We can speak about , writing an emotional toot how bad it is and that it really needs to change...

...and we also can think of how to overcome it.

Within mastodon people from around the world in all sorts of different economic situations are here

We are the once able to overcome inequality If we act in .

We have learned enough to know how bad inequality is.
Let's bring us through the closer to .



Wanna join finding interesting hashtags ppl using to join in amaizing conversations?
Just reply with some hashtags you're using and @ ping another person to hopefully continue.
(it might create a list of awesomeness)

Here some I have been using:

Let's see if we can organize through the fediverse a .

It will start with building small autonomous groups which will join depending of their interest working/action circles.

Sharing groups:
- to not deal alone with problems
- to support each other
- to increase our possibilities
- to break the logic of capitalism
- to share what we can
- to take what we need
- to maintain resources as commons
- maintaining friendship


join in, and spread:

""Komm wir schließen uns zusammen im #Patientenkollektiv. Die Konzerte die wir spielen sind eine #Gruppentherapie.
Die Welt ist krank und sie macht das du leidest.

Du gilst als gesund wenn du nicht daran verzweifelst.
Heillung ist der Feind. Wer noch klar kommt ist abgestumpft. Wir machen aus der Krankheit eine Waffe" .

#AntilopenGang #solidarityNetwork

- mastodon solidarity fund
started by @garbados

"Need help? The Mastodon Community Survival Fund is here for you. Fill out this form and someone will reach out to you shortly. " @MCSF

Here's the form:

(if there's an issue with the form, or you'd like to have some ideas for improvment, leave a a line)