Had a rough morning... but... stream time

Time for some more CrackDew Valley!

Bonjour, je me prΓ©sente: Jeno, 110+ heures sur #StardewValley

I am dating Emily. I "stole Clint's girl." Then he got me for the secret gift exchange and gave me an iridium bar. I guess there's no hard feelings then. :hushed:

@alice_c Is it bad that I forget my cows' names?

If it makes up for it, I have a duck named Howard, a chicken named Chocobo, and a dragon named Yoshi.

My cows are currently named

- Moo
- Mooo
- Moooo
- Mooooo

All right so I'm going to seduce Sebastian this time in . Even if he is basically irl me.

So, IMPORTANT question... do I romance Leah again or do I try romancing someone else? BUT LEAH IS SO CUTE T_T

im gonna play stardew valley and pretend im happy until i have to lay down for work