Been using the new #system76 Pop Theme for Gnome shell for 24 hours so far and absolutely love it. Such a breath of fresh air over the staid arc and dark themes. Great work guys ! /cc @ryanleesipes

System76 is a 100% Linux dedicated company bringing superb powerhouse laptops / desktops with passion & Ubuntu. System76 developed a little like this… Read on :D --> #system76 #linux #blog #laptop #desktop

Trying to decide between the #system76 Oryx Pro or new Galago Pro. Have preordered the Galago Pro but having second thoughts and now considering the Oryx Pro. Anyone have an Oryx and any feedback/recommendation? Thanks!

Great news from #system76 - they're going to start building their own laptops! Really great for the community and finally allows them to have full control of the hardware from start to finish. I just purchased the Galago Pro - but hopefully it will last me until their bespoke laptops roll off the line...

I'm thinking about buying new #system76 laptop for #linux compatible hardware. Did anyone used system76 before. Would you recommend?

Gotta say, however much shit people have been giving #system76 for their product line, "Phase 3" has me very excited for the future:

Especially the "Linux on laptops" part of it 😊

@alexl I mean I hope #System76 starts letting me choose #openSUSE as an install option. I'd be more compelled to buy one of their machines that way.

Wore my #System76 T-shirt to a South Florida non-profit event last night, where most of the other women wore ball gowns.

Well that didn't take long - have a pre-order in for the new Galago Pro from #system76 . Can't wait to receive it!

Sitting here using the #System76 #GalagoPro, hacking in #GNOME Builder and watching The Sopranos on the couch. This is really awesome!!!

Linux folks, your dream has come true! A space-age aluminum chassis and ready-made Linux internals, Galago Pro from System76 is now available for pre-order --> #laptop #Linux #Ubuntu #aluminum #pro #system76

"The Linux ultrabook you were dreaming about." System76 Galago Pro: specs, price and release date --> #linux #ultrabook #system76

"Galago Pro is the latest offering from #System76 and this ultrabook has everything"
#gnu #linux preinstalled