I'm reading a feature story in our local newspaper about a summer camp for girls (Institute for Musical Arts), run by women (including June Milligan of The Fannies), and it's all about writing and playing rock and roll music. I am outside, looking in, hoping the safe supportive space gives these girls room to breathe, and to create, and I remain hopeful that their music will come to impact the larger world in the years to come.

@fredmbarros Broadly? Learning & education
Vacillating between:
1. Developing student awareness of digital surveillance & algorithms
2. working for change at a human scale

My brain might be the only place on the planet that those two topics are inextricably linked 😁

@Downes In what way?

It's already working for many. In my experience personal invitation and welcome made it different. Lead development by marginalized folks too.

In my opinion, public institutions (and those who work in them) could help make it work for more folks it they chose to.

To me, it's all about working at the right (small/human) scale.

As each student and each facilitator finished their Quilt Piece square, it became clearer that the metaphor of "pieces of the whole" was also the reality of Us, coming together to learn, write and explore.

Saw a neighbor I have not seen for some time and spent about 15 minutes just catching up about news, big and small. Those are the connections that strengthen the world.

"What am I going to become?" -- the question a refugee from Congo told us he asked himself, as he recounted his journey from war, across four countries of Africa before finally being granted asylum to the United States. He became a social worker, helping other immigrants and refugees here in the US.

@dogtrax @wion But also I'm interested in people for whom something was missing here, and for me what is sometimes missing. I balance both. I hear about the wide world from Twitter; I think about the near world here. Here I'm thanks to @Tdorey. (Also randomly @Tdorey keeps autocorrecting to Thoreau.)

@katebowles @Tdorey @Algot Is there a convergence point between and ? I love both, and reminds me of the weekly Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers. Narrowing our focus to notice, really notice, the world is so important, particularly when the pace of everything else seems so hectic and pressing.

I set out to add a sidebar to a Wordpress site a week ago. Though it is still not really working and I've broken another bunch of things along the way the learning has been well worth it.

Looking at my site content that now does not 'properly' sit on the page makes me smile and feel happy as I think, "I did that."

@Algot has become an accidental mastodon community experience for me. @Tdorey also uses

@dajbelshaw I've been thinking, writing & talking to folks about participatory design and the importance of For all of those reasons, your post made me smile :)

... and while we all 'do nothing', the cat sets up for a nap in my freshly washed sheets.

Kitchen cleaning and two kids debating superconductors, one small sick child, teenage boy and two friends sleeping in the playroom. The sun is shining and it is warm in the shade. I'll do the taxes & homework assignments I'll been avoiding in that shade. Maybe someone will mow the grass.

Thankful for the weekend days we 'do nothing'.

I was talking to my daughter while making supper. I said, "I love you and I'm really proud of you."

She got frustrated and said, "I know! You're always telling me that!" Now I'm smiling and thinking, "Well, I got one parenting thing right."

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Breathing more, stressing less Show more

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Two people told me I looked tired today, so must time to refocus.

When I moved to my new house, my grandma gave me a little root. I planted it in the front yard, but for years nothing grew. Then suddenly it did. Now it is the first bit of colour every spring reminding that sometimes the best things are on their own schedules.