you know that saying that goes like
"be there or be square"?

i just realized why it's like that

it's cuz if you're not there, you're not around.

you're not a ROUND



@20excalibur07 I like this way better than the actual source of the phrase. Much friendlier/less insulting.

@20excalibur07 I always thought it was because "square" was kind of a low-key insult, meaning not cool or boring.

@jessmahler @20excalibur07 I think that's probably the real etymology but I'm going to choose to believe the other one. :-D

@20excalibur07 When I have time (never), I'm starting an "alternate etymology" account.

This would merit a boost.

@20excalibur07 I think A square was originally someone who didn't "Get" Jazz.

I've got to assume it's because a square is rigidly defined and old, and not at all free-form and new.

The "around" thing sounds like how you'd explain it to your mom who didn't want you listening to that new-fangled music.

@20excalibur07 i pondered this in the past and I thought it had something to do with being "a square" which I believe used to mean boring/old/ assumed it was slightly akin to "all the cool kids are coming" or something...interesting take!

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