The of supports the Campaign "Public Money? Public Code!" and votes in favor of publishing all publicly financed software developments under a licence: (ES) @fsfe

In the long run, the Parliament seeks the use, promotion and migration to Free Software and throughout all public administration's processes.

On the one hand, it is a news that pleases me, but on the other hand I have to be waiting because I do not trust that this initiative can be successful. In Spain, the union between public administrations and free software does not work, and to cite examples we can talk about Linex, Guadalinex or Molinux, all of them are dead projects

@Lumeltix_Linuxer @fsfe I see your point, but that is what I think the campaign "Public Money - Public Code" is so good for: Developing and rolling out a whole GNU/Linux distro across the country (like Guadalinex e.g.) is a huge and decade-long lasting project including a lot of counter-lobbying from proprietary software vendors.

Publishing a self-developed software of any kind under a license can be done for individual projects, is easier and straightforward.


..... and as a Spaniard, aware of the internal functioning of the autonomous public administrations of Spain, I say that here the absolute standard of the digital channels of communication with citizens are absolutely exclusive and they are all from Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle

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