I am currently writing a list of good solutions for in the @fsfe wiki:

I still need to polish the wording but if you already have input for me about what is missing, more sources or any other feedback is very welcome.

Just focus please on software that in particular facilitates remote working not any other usual work-procedures.

@3rik website of Jabber/XMPP is not ;)

@3rik @fsfe Thanks for putting #XMPP first, it offers most things people are used to particularly if both clients and servers implement the yearly "Compliance Suites" XEPs, such as XEP-0423 (for 2020) and additionally XEP-0077 (In-band Registration) for easy registration. See also . For remote desktop I think any VNC client+server or clientless (web-based) server (e.g.: Guacamole, ) would do the trick.

@3rik @fsfe Probably a good idea to add WireGuard above/below OpenVPN:

On the Linux side, it's been available as an out-of-tree kernel module for years and Debian Testing is now moving to flipping it on as an in-tree module:

@hwpplayer1 @fsfe how do you mean? Generally, yes. But this is a wiki page editable for anyone who has a fsfe-account.

@3rik @fsfe @fsf FSF suggests Jami could you please add Jami to your wiki page thanks for the reply

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