When I have explored it and set up a functional "live demo", I will post a follow-up description here. FYI..: 


I will first adapt my existing (incomplete) multi-ACCOUNT demo "scheme" from Twitter/#Mastodon onto #Hubzilla's #nomadicidentity setup. ("identities" in Hubzilla terminology is multiple "channels" per account)

Each such "channel" has its own "visibility"/privacy settings, so one can be a private/non-public microblog between two or more people, or a public wiki or blog reaching out across the Fediverse, including to Mastodon instances.

FYI; I am combining my public identities by appending 'XV' to each of my aliases, to indicate to people that these accounts or identities or channels stem from the same person using various "hats" (roles/focuses/contexts). Later I will also provide a way to verify which XV accounts are actually me, to avoid confusion with others who also might use that suffix for some reason. You may also see that they use tge same avatar with different background color, facing left when personal, facing right when in context of work/professional activity...

(XV = 15 in latin numbering; 15 is a practical number in various ways: a) it is considered the threshold where a small group is about to become (too) "big",
b) a group of that many people may make exact votes of either 2/3 (10/5) or "more than half (8/7), for voting purposes.
c) Multiply 15 by 10, and 150 people is considered by social science research as roughly the maximum size of a personal social network one can maintain before time constraints start affecting some of the relations negatively.)


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@FuzboleroXV I think that is primarily about moving your identity _between_ accounts and corresponding hosts/providers. Being able to access several "nomadic identities" via one account is a byproduct for me, not so important.
Main point here though is separation between a User (person or organization...), an Account and the "identity" (called an Actor in ).

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