#Mastalab — lots of features, but not very stable
#Tusky — pretty stable, not many features
#Twidere — not just for #Mastodon, slow these days
#AndStatus — not for faint-hearted, basically, a debugging tool for developers
#Tootdon — proprietary

@amiloradovsky Advanced problem diagnostic tools in #AndStatus are not for developers only, unfortunately. Answering lots of questions like "Why I don't see new posts in my timeline" during several years, I got that instances of the federated network are not very stable and may easily misbehave for some time. This is why even for an ordinary user a need to figure out a cause of a problem occurs more often than when using corporate services, backed by 24x7 support...

I was trying to identify the features I find counter-intuitive, but couldn't decide what to begin with — it's basically *everything*! Take any given piece of behavior, more likely than not it *is* counter-intuitive.

But then I thought, these may be "not bugs but features", i.e. meant to be so — it's simply I am not the intended audience. It's like asking an Emacs user what's wrong with Vi(m), or vice versa…

@amiloradovsky Aha, by "intuitive" UI you mean "like in another application that I used for years"? :-)
What's _your_ example of intuitive social networking client for "power users", for Android?
...It came to me that "power users" (like "business users") don't actually need "intuitive" application. They need it to do what they want and are ready to adapt...

@LeeteqXV I also noticed that there are too many automatically created timelines. I will add some quick way to (automatically) delete unused timelines... Did you notice that Manage Timelines table may be sorted by any column?
Thank you for willing to help. For the start you could look at what improvements we already discussed at github.com/andstatus/andstatus


@FuzboleroXV BTW Automatic deletion of unused Timelines was implemented some time ago.

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