Ashoka :white_check_mark: @Ashoka


still don't know what or why the fuck death grips is.

Are the aliens fuckable?

"Their anatomy is completely foreign to ours. They don't even have cells."

I'm not sure I see the problem here.

@Olly dio knows exactly how many pieces of bread he's eaten

@twryst the germans, of course, have a word or two for this: Sprachnot and Sprachskepsis.

@Starbreaker because it literally is a rig of connected components. the tower is the scaffolding that holds it together.

Risqué SFW

I drew Camilla last night

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@Saturn500 i mean, I explained the context, but you can't reasonably expect me to discuss his pov now when I don't know what is going through his mind.
you'd have to ask him yourself.

@Saturn500 started as a joke 5 years ago because someone called him a nazi over game reviews.
the prominent neonazis came a few years later.

@Saturn500 he sorta created the choir? he is one of the best known consumer advocates in gaming, and unlike TB he is not a regressive d-bag.

So, this is a total dick move from Good Smile.

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hey, wanna ruin his self-victimizing masturbatory circle jerk by giving him your honest opinion?
(don't give them your real mail address, tho, they just want it for fundraising)

@Nine i mean i am straight as a stick and when I think of Isaiah Mustafa all I can think is "god damn goddammm GATDANG!"

i love these gay idiot dragons