Coyoteluckart witchy

Platonic Bepis of HRNG πŸ¦Šβœ… @CoronaCoreanici

@Lioness um escuse my fur is soft and orange and best left on me

boost this toot if HHHRRRNNGGG

do u ever wake up and realise youre in the Bepis Timeline???

*switches on t.v*

"and a humpky bumpkis to all of youhhgnnn"

New people who shitpost and then say this place is hell, you just made it that way..? Jee

@Lioness the growing field of plush fox tactile studies is extremely good and important

@Gargron It's kind of a neat tracer through social connectspace - not terribly surprising in retrospect (though cool to see confirmed!) that anime marxist twitter and leftist furry twitter share significant overlap

.@gravezwave @Gargron step 1: don't play WoW
step 2: there is no step 2

@Gargron "Yeah, I'm on Tilt"
"dude I'm sorry to hear that, hope you feel better"
"what no"


Head Like a Hole/
Black as your soul/
I'd rather die /

you: 420 blaze it

me, a mastodon user: 429 throttle it

OK, I had a go on that cat generator website thing and I think I'm going to die.

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.@Lioness witches that are casually sometimes familiars of other witches - probably closer in real role and power to an apprentice or junior research partner, but fluffier

b-boobie wherefore and the buster's fuckus:sweat_drops:

@Lioness when you need to shower, eat breakfast, and go to school, but your cute werewolf boyfriend is still asleep and cuddling you possessively

lewd, NITW



I need to fuck Gregg at ONCE

he is my husbando

I understand husbando now