starting to think I should actually take the time to write some brief statements explaining the way I tend to accumulate contacts on social. it's not that I don't know anyone similar, but a lot of people seem genuinely confused.

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basically, if I happen to read/consume some observation or argument of yours which I feel contributed to my own wellness and/or which I feel needs to be amplified, I will unabashedly engage with it in the moment, put you on a twitter list, and literally never leave.

and by that I mean... years may pass for whatever reason and then I'll happen to see something else and engage again and be glad to hear from you.

what a wonderful use of my time!

to start, here’s my short explanation of the follow limit for new followers.

In The Beginning, God created the deep and the only people who really came to Twitter were “early adopters” - those who like to explore new things because they’re curious!

in general, those folks just kinda poked around! replied to random people about random subjects!

this is called “social connection,” or more specifically, social DISCOVERY, and it was basically all there was to do on social networks at the time.

for better or worse, this sort of environment is very resistant to filter bubbles. even if the only dude who had EVER tweeted about Triumph motorcycles was a pro-lifer, you still cold @ him if you wanted to talk about them… because you didn’t have a choice.

and you’d discover that abortion doesn’t really come up in conversation about old British motorcycles, and that you actually enjoyed seeing his content on your timeline in the future, even when it was occasionally political, because every now and then you’d learn something.

and by “learn something,” I don’t mean AN INDISPUTABLE FACT ABOUT THE UNIVERSE… maybe even something you found *entirely* unlikely… because adults are able to listen to perspectives they don’t agree with without concluding such disagreement is a threat to their whole identity.

(btw, this story is not just *you are all idiots and I am the perfect model of human existence*... I once participated in many of the sort of disruptive behaviors Twitter was resisting in implementing editorial algorithms.)

here are a few assumptions from which I’m writing. now would be a great time to “push back” if you’d like.

also a great time to shoot me in the head, if you’d like.


from my point of view, this fell apart with the advent of quote tweeting.

Before that, your options to any given tweet were:

like, reply, block.

Quote tweeting introduced the "dragging" feature and everyone's collective ass cheeks clenched with every post from there on out.

@tychi this is insightful, actually, especially considering that I have used retweets as more of a bookmarking feature for my own retrieval than anything else. (I am writing about this now... oh boy.)


I just think about the time where I was trying to talk to someone I shared 99% agreement with.

My 1% disagreement got quote tweeted like "see: all tech bros" and tbh, I know no one cares and...

I just thought I had the chance at making a friend with a common interest, but clearly they were just on a tirade and I should have recognized that.

I stopped really responding to strangers because of that incident. There's no place to go in a dialog when that happens.


not that it matters, but for context the subject was website accessibility. I agreed that it's a lot of work, but pointed out if it is prioritized from the beginning of a project it is significantly less work.

That came across as trivializing accessibility and people like me are the reason why the web is so horrible.

@tychi oh man... I'm sorry you experienced that. I guess I would have said something like "I'm sorry, the answer to whether or not you may use me as a scapegoat is *no*, today."

one of the reasons I'm writing about this is to try and figure out why *nobody* seems willing to pull that kind of shit on me. I have literally tossed myself in with low brow provocative shit to divert/disrupt targets of aggression and just get passed over lol. (and in much less noble situations too)


haha dude, i think you're like shadowbanned 😂

@tychi oh definitely. as I have become a much *much* better, more sincere person and engaged much more sincerely with people on Twitter, my engagement has dropped off consecutively.

@DavidBlue braver than most. the rational thing would be to dig in deeper to keep the enragement up. sorry, engagement, excuse me.

@tychi only if my primary purpose on Twitter was to... be "good" at Twitter??? for its own sake.

I am not on social to "leverage" it (read: other users) toward some extremely vague, pseudo-marketing delusion.

I am here to find people and ideas I've never encounterd before and to engage with them out of the blue. to randomly meet people like you with whom to have extremely intermittent, gargantuan textwall conversations with.

@DavidBlue that's what i want out of this social experiment too. out of the web. connection with people i'd never cross paths with.

if I wanted to become an influencer, i probably would have started by launching my career after my video blogging class in 2008.

however, i visited the future and saw how dumb it was:

@tychi BRAVO!!! this is a once-in-a-lifetime performance if i’ve ever seen one. I love your interpretation of vlogging so much more than what it actually became lmao. thank you for sharing that with me!

@tychi I think it’s objectively special. I don’t know if this is my equivalent, but it was around the time I dropped out of community college lol.

@DavidBlue ooooh yeah, your outdoor lighting is way better though

"I'm gonna go home take a picture of my dogs and tag them" 😂 😂

@tychi the only reasonable answer has got to be that even the most easily activated people on social do not give a shit what I think. regardless, this is some sort of superpower that might have advantages for vulnerable users.


i've gotten into fights with bots before and had people come in and be like "that's a bot bro, leave it alone"

maybe ur a bot

@tychi that is literally what the algorithm seems to be trained to conclude when someone follows and engages with people who don't follow back. hence "**the first impression scale...**," which literally made me gag when I first read it last night.


seems like that just encourages the polarization of cancel culture

"sorry, can't support you digitally cause the algorithm will ding me and no one will see my posts anymore either. nothing personal but your ship is sunk already, glhf".

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