HUGE shoutout to wacom. Your terrible fucking drivers has turned more than one of my art friends into computer semi-experts.

Like shit dude, I'm honestly surprised some thrifthy wacom user hasn't made an app that reboots their shitty fucking service.

Like, any person with wacom has this on their desktop: Photoshop/SAI, services.msc shortcut and two versions of wacom drivers that they can reinstall on demand.

And they've learned so much thanks to this! An eloge to wacom! * claps *

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I mean you gotta respect wacom, they pour so much effort and time into hardware research and development they haven't made a really decent driver since 2005.

It's a commitment to their hardware few other companies can boast, and honestly, what's the fun in having some $50 chinese noname tablet that just works? There's a reason wacom is and will always be the industry standard despite the software being shit. Hardware quality.

If you buy a expensive racing car, do you really expect it to be easy to drive? Even at daily driving speeds? No of course not! Those cars are built for performance and skilled users. And the same can be said for wacom! A pro can handle that hardware like it's supposed to be. Just because you pay $2000 for a tablet doesn't mean it should just work, you TOO have to work for the privilege to use it. And that's beauty in hardware.

Seriously tho, 99% of people who do digital art and complain about software issues use wacom......... but I thought that was supposed to be a so called 'premium' brand but fuck me the hoops the users gotta jump through when the software gets grumpy... and it's the same problems they've been having the past 15 years! come on!

@FimbulK the funny thing is, on Windows I had to sometimes reinstall their official driver, but the unofficial Linux one always just worked

(might be because I was still using XP at that time, but whatever, the driver said it supports it)



I was about to say something similar about Linux and wacom. I've had nothing but success using free software and their hardware.

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