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> everyone using one centralized service
> service gets pwned

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Warning to everyone, big cloudflare leak! More info here:

I recommend getting a password manager and changing your passwords on these sites:

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@datapup why does 500ms lag change anything to the one not perceiving it?

Cloudflare Reverse Proxies are Dumping Uninitialized Memory

Feeling really lucky that I'm only using Cloudflare to cache static files from assets and files subdomains. I didn't enable it for the main site because it would replace the elephant friend error page with their own one, unless I paid them a lot

Wow, the Cloudflare thing is huge

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God i hate Quirrel. I know exactly what's going on, this time. I guess the reason i like rereading this is all the new details i notice that make everything obvious in hindsight

Good morning

@archaeme only using it to cache static assets from other subdomains, so should be no issue

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I was in London two times, loved it. England has a certain feeling to it that Germany doesn't have.

Lex makes me want to watch even ads. It's a good ad tbh

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@hoodie i thought you were talking about youtube outros. this was sips' for a long time