Draft: How to implement a basic ActivityPub server

I guess if someone could give it a test run and tell me if they're struggling with something before I publish, would be great

@gargron this is great, I've been looking for a resource like this

I think you should also put a ``.well-known/host-meta``, it’s probably not required but could fix some incompatibilities in the fediverse.

@lanodan It's absolutely not required. It was from before Webfinger became a finalized standard, and we're not dealing with OStatus servers here anyway.

@Gargron I really want to write my ActivityPub server, thanks for this !
I'm not sure I will have enough time to look at this in the near future, but thanks for the post because I'm sure I will use it someday.

@dansup also said to create something similar. Also it looks OK after reading through. It will sure help me, if nothing else 😏

@gergely @dansup's toot gave me the idea - surely there can't be too many tutorials on the topic, and I sure need content for our blog 😂

Fail enough ☺ Iʼm making an event organiser on top of the protocol, so I can use all the sources.

@Gargron That's extremely good, and clears up a few mysteries. I'll be sure to experiment with this. 😀

@gargron I would love a full series on this, walking through receiving replies, inboxes etc

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