I guess I just don't have the energy to think about G+ shutting down and what if anything it means for Mastodon right now 😩

@Gargron Mastodon will be inundated when all ten G+ users arrive


@ellavescent See that's kinda mean. On Twitter I always hear people say things like "Mastodon, is anyone still using it? It lasted like two weeks". It would be hypocritical of me to laugh at G+ here. I'm sure there was a large community using it somewhere, it just wasn't anyone I knew.

@Gargron Linus Torvalds was an active user of G+. Would be funny if he ends up here...

@Gargron A connected education group that I am part of has had a space there for years .. 3,000 plus members ... not always active ... so, it was used. And it was useful for our purpose. Don't worry. I won't direct them all here.

@Gargron @ellavescent It was big with the tech community, mostly. People really into Android, mainly. Communities of fans for certain apps. People who hated Twitter and Facebook but didn't know of any alternatives. Brazilians migrating from Orkut. It had its niches. And it *was* technically superior to several other networks, in certain ways. It just suffered from network effects and from mismanagement.

@trwnh @Gargron @ellavescent the tabletop RPG community loved G+, often eclipsing similar efforts on Reddit. Right now the communities are trying to figure out where to go. It’s definitely a conundrum.

@Gargron @ellavescent Orkut remained the primary competition to FB in India and Brazil until Google migrated it all to G+. Never underestimate the size of communities you’re not a member of.

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