@Gargron could this ship with a notification to the followers? Like "x moved to instance x". In any case, thank you :)

@Gargron so this would basically make all your followers follow your new account? Interesting.

@Gargron ive been debating on moving to an instance with other people and converting elle.systems to a personal website for awhile now but starting over seems exhausting to me i guess lol

@Gargron ghfjdg lmao maybe i was just feeling isolated idk ill figure something out that i can keep this set up the same haha

@root Home feed is all that really matters. Tooting.ai is just me and imbsky and i don't notice a difference

@Gargron yeah fair enough lol i guess i dont really look at much but home anyway

@iResist Check trends, check profile directory, check federated timeline, browse who I'm following or scroll through your home feed for things i boosted from other people

@Gargron What if an instance removes the cool down feature? Would that compromise it?

@gargron "The new account must first be configured to back-reference this one"

This seems poorly worded, tbh. Needs clarification.

I assume this is the current account migration feature designed to point people to another account since that's the only feature I can think of that would do something remotely close to what's being suggested, but I'm entirely unsure since it's so vague.

@KitsuneAlicia Huh, what's unclear? :)

My take: A new feature for migration that will move your followers to another account.

In order to prevent that you make all your followers follow some random person, you will need to prove that the second account is yours, too. Therefore, you will have to set up the link to your old account from the new account as well.

Given that the feature isn't there yet, the back link isn't there yet, either. But will.

@esureL @gargron I mean, I figured that might be a possibility, but I ruled it out after figuring that it'd make the account migration feature obsolete since the two would likely share the same functions of pointing a given follower to the new account.

It makes no sense to have two different features for notifying followers and authorizing follower exports on the old account. It makes more sense to do both with the same feature and just have the import one separate.

@KitsuneAlicia I think we're still not on the same page. :D

So my understanding is:
• New feature: Tell Account A that Account B is also yours, so that A should be expecting followers from B. That's in the options and has no visibile implication for followers.
• New feature: Tell Account B that you would like to migrate to Account A. Account B sends its followers to Account A, after verifying that Account A has been properly set up to expect followers from it.

🡆 Have all your B-followers on A.

@esureL Oh, we're on the same page. I just don't think it's necessary to have the export verification process to be separate from the current "account migration" feature.

Like, you verify, and the notice automatically goes up on your profile page that you've moved, regardless of whether you actually export the followers to the new account.

That's what I was saying.

If the current text in that screenshot makes sense after it's released, then great. But tbh, it still seems awkward.

@KitsuneAlicia Ah, gotcha.

Well, if you can make me follow another account (by migrating me directly rather than just putting up a note that you migrated), I'd rather have you prove that the second account is also yours. :)

@KitsuneAlicia @Gargron "The account you're moving to must already exists" is probably a better way to put this

@Chinbook @gargron Tbh, it's a verification thing to ensure it's your account, so I think something like "You must have already enabled transfer verification on the other account" would work better.

@Gargron This is awesome! I've been hoping for this feature for a long time!

Thank you for your hard work!

@Gargron still not clear on how this affects private posts if the old account gets unfollowed

@lain @Gargron Now I can start my own website. MewMew. weebly .moe
And leave all other websites

@Gargron @lain Eugen, you're not a dad so you can't do dad jokes. No.

@Gargron someone once rejected my follow request because mastodon.social was 'too big'.
I guess by following them from a random smaller instance, and then after being accepted, migrating that one to my main M.S account, I can force them to follow me here after all. 😏😂

@Gargron Is the opposite also true? meaning, if someone follows me migrats their account, will the new account still be following me? espacially if I lock my account

@curls Follows are imported by other means and that's not new, been around for a few years. You get a follow request.

This looks super-cool! Can’t wait for the technical details… 🤤

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