Just to give an update on the Wasabi ➡️ Exoscale storage migration, so far fixed permissions on 3,204,000 media attachments, still going (there are 17,818,406 in total).

Until this completes, some older images and videos may be inaccessible. Really sorry about this. A message to Exoscale: For the love of god, implement bucket policies...

Update on this: It's done! All media attachments should be accessible again

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@Gargron What benefits do you expect from Exoscale over Wasabi? Asking for a friend. (I'm not really I'm asking for myself)

@Gargron Let me know how Exoscale works out. We're on S3 but I'd rather not be but also Wasabi is... really flakey.

@cambrian_era i've been really happy with digitalocean spaces—they're much cheaper then S3 but still reasonably reliable (we've had one noticable outage in 2 years).

@nightpool Hm. How expensive is it? Just an average per month for you

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