@Gargron see this is why mastodon is good nobody asks me for a telephone number that someone can steal

@Gargron Twitter says an attacker used its API to do the thing its API is for

@Gargron Microsoft accuses attacker of using Microsoft Word to write a document

@Gargron It is a confirmation that their feature works. For whom are interested in it.

@Gargron "State-sponsored attacker" was what it said on twitter!

@Gargron so basically what happened to Telegram during Hong Kong protests, pro-police attackers were simply adding contacts with phone numbers and Telegram matched it to real accounts, then they were searched in protestors groups. After this was disclosed Telegram added check to disable this feature, Twitter had it since beginning and even asked when you were adding your number, thanks for this at least.

The politics of bird site 


I'm having image upload problems right now. Anyone else?

@EagleEyes @Gargron

Thanks, EagleEyes - Twitter is suspending Berners again, so we've got many Twitter Left friends migrating over today. Please give them a follow/followback. 🐘 🔥 ❤️

For those new to Mastodon, here's a startup guide. 👇🏾

@EagleEyes @Gargron

ATTN: new Berners arriving via Twitter - Image uploads may have hiccups.

For those who haven't seen the network status update, check the "bullhorn" icon at the top of the "Home" feed.

@EagleEyes @Gargron

For new Mastodon users, here's a short video explaining how each "instance" (aka server) on the network can chat with others, to create "the Fediverse".

It's similar to allowing FB to communicate with Twitter on a common platform, but without any corporate influence.

The future of social media is nonprofit, and the future is now. :pensive_party_blob:

@EagleEyes @Gargron

New Mastodon users, if you ever get stuck and need help, toot hashtag with your issue and you'll get replies from the Fediverse.

Also, search for hashtag and you'll find shortcuts and other tricks to make working here easier.

@EagleEyes @Gargron

The "network effect" makes it hard for Berners to leave Twitter unless they have a crisis (suspension, or friend suspended).

It's also addictive, Twitter algorithms push pleasure seeking via dopamine hits to medicate the pain of being on Twitter (blue-checks, trolls, misinformation, etc).

So this is what we face when trying to get Berners to join Mastodon.

I can't do it alone. In fact, singular proponents like me look weird to the Twitter-addicted.

I need your help.

@BernieOrVest @Gargron

I ask them to add mastodon for the cross posting effect. That's a plus for those of us still at twitter

@EagleEyes @Gargron

I am glad if people want to use the cross poster to send their toots from Mastodon to Twitter.

Unfortunately, most do the opposite. They never are active on Mastodon, and the crossposter floods Mastodon with all their tweets and retweets.

It ends up spamming us here and adds nothing to our community building efforts.

Here's a link for those who want to try it out. crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

@BernieOrVest @EagleEyes now you mention it, those mstdn.foxfam.club bots you use.. maybe we need to replace them.. mastodon.nl/@jasper/1035741029

@jasper @BernieOrVest
I'm not a techie per se, but I'm adept at figuring out stuff anyway.

1. I copy the tweet with all the info and post it on my twitter feed. I include where it comes from: Mastadon. It works for me ...and most of the time all of it posts on my account.

@jasper @EagleEyes

Jasper, if you (or anyone else with the know-how) wants to create an alternative to the crossposter, that's fine by me, but I'm not sure what it would do differently.

The developer is still active. I saw him chatting with @EverydayPeople a few weeks ago, helping troubleshoot its use.

@crossposter@ masto.donte.com.br

The Twitter API is required for it, so that means Jack has to "approve" of the project. 😬

@BernieOrVest @EagleEyes @EverydayPeople saw other twitter bots, so it's possible.. Also if some of the nastier one tweets from nastier tweeters in those lists get boosted, the instance might get in trouble and get suspended, so many people wouldn't see it.

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