@Gargron внутри только про тик ток. К'мон

@blomqvist “Other social networks followed suit with about 50% of posts deleted from YouTube and VKontake, while 17% of posts disappeared from Instagram, according to Roskomnadzor.”

@clayogra gra@mstdn.social @Gargron It is possible to recognize Navalny as a Russian nationalist populist (who ironically is not even Russian: he's ethnic Belarusian from Smolensk), and at the same time recognize that the broad crackdown on Russian opposition accounts associated with Navalny, Khodorkovsky, Free Russia Forum et al. by Facebook, Google, and TikTok has nothing to do with his nationalism and everything to do with his poisoning, his report on Putin's palace, and the Jan 23 protests.

Who exactly is performing the censorship?Russia with an Internet filtering system, or do all platforms delete the posts on their side upon russian government 's request?

@dragondaddy From the article it sounds like it’s the platforms complying with the Russian government.

Yeah, sorry, I missed the article's last paragraph.

We don't have anything like the "Roskomnadzor" here in France, it's always surprising to realize that Russia still makes use of bodies that sound like they are from another era.

@Gargron @dragondaddy Don't you think it's more likely that this is a state sponsored article designed to take advantage of he "censorship" FUD. Basically what happened is liberal American platforms just federated. Russia is simply going against that federation.

@Gargron the plot of 1984 is coming to life. Just that the totalitarian regime is the conglomerate of the social media giants.

@Gargron weird I thought they only dis this in America.

@Gargron ну так Трампа забанили значит всех теперь можно
@Gargron the real question is what's Facebook, the owner of Instagram, is doing with the data and correlations from those Instagram posts, FB posts, and now WhatsApp data. They disrupted communication in the US and now Russia with a purpose.
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