@Gargron Yup. Warned folks that would start happening once bicycling caught on at the municipal level. Sold my bike, too.

@Gargron do you know about the "not just bikes" yt channel? youtube.com/c/NotJustBikes
They talk mostly about biking and city planning in the netherlands vs canada and the US.

@Gargron TBH that all sounds well and good, but in my own experiences the cyclists are the reckless ones 90% of the time. I absolutely DREAD encountering a cyclist because between kids riding hands-free and adults simply not obeying traffic laws, doing shit like jumping into a crosswalk to run a red light because that suddenly makes them a pedestrian at car speeds, my area either has the worst cyclists in the world or there are unacknowledged problems in the cycling community.

@Gargron The busiest street in 100 miles simply isn't the place to be doing the kind of fucking around they seem to do as a practice, is what I'm saying.

@Gargron Oh, and no one wears pads. Almost none of them wear helmets, either. So if a kid DOES lose their balance and fall, they're going to make an excellent smudge.

@bluestarultor Thankfully, most cyclists aren't trying to be a problem, they're just trying to go to work, school or shop like everyone else. But have to worry about motorists who run stop and yield signs as well as red lights, tailgate, speed and just plain old don't pay attention while operating heavy machinery where people work and live.


I think some drivers are trying to be the problem. I don't ride my bike much these days but I run next to roads a lot. The number of people who on purpose drive dangerously near/at me is insane. I've had trucks roll coal on me multiple times and the texters are incredibly common.
@bluestarultor @Gargron

@FoamCactus @BalooUriza @Gargron Honestly, yes, there will always be those assholes in cars who think they're being funny. Those people should be shot into the sun.

Unfortunately in my area, the cyclists simply don't follow traffic laws or even basic safety. They're far more likely to run a red or stop sign than a car and do so with worrying regularity. They basically treat the road like they're untouchable and immortal and I don't wanna demo.

@bluestarultor You're seeing that because as a proportion of the whole, motorists are doing the exact same things. You've become used to it and therefore blind to it.

@FoamCactus @Gargron

@BalooUriza @FoamCactus I can confidently say this is not the case, because motorists don't do it 90+% of the time at every intersection they encounter.

@BalooUriza @FoamCactus TBQH, given how much of my attention has to be paid to them, I can recall with clarity one family last year who were stopped at an intersection, near a blue house on the way to a park, mommy, daddy, son, and two younger daughters. They were blonde and one of the daughters had a bright pink helmet.

I recall this because it was notable they were stopped.

@BalooUriza @FoamCactus In contrast, most people just go from the bike lane into the crosswalk because that legally classifies them as a pedestrian and not a vehicle, giving them instant right of way.

@BalooUriza @FoamCactus This year there was a brunette woman with a blue shirt and blue helmet and large sunglasses who stopped for a red in the bike lane near the graveyard, FWIW.

@bluestarultor @Gargron you SHOULD dread encountering cyclists while you're piloting a murder vehicle

@valrus @Gargron Hey, I wouldn't have to if they showed a single ounce of self-preservation. I can feel reasonably careful around someone who shows an indication they know WTF they're doing and not have to worry about them literally falling into the road in front of me for being patently unsafe.

It's not like I never biked places, but when I did, I used hand signals and treated traffic as the deadly thing it is. When I was on a road, I followed traffic laws.

@bluestarultor you SHOULD have to worry about them falling into the road in front of you. this can and does happen even to careful people who follow all the rules.

the "deadly traffic" is you. if someone is acting the fool on a bike and fall over and you kill them with your car, it's still you who killed them

@valrus If someone is acting like a fool, I would rather not be forced into that position. People like that can shove their whole bike where the sun don't shine. There's a difference between waving a gun around and shooting someone and have a gun forced into your hand so you pull the trigger and shoot someone.

I'm doing everything right. It's no different than getting into an accident with a drunk driver. I would be sad they're dead, but it's literally not my fault.

@valrus If I'm going to be held responsible for something I have no control over because I don't live biking distance from work because someone else thew themselves in front of me, maybe they're the ones who can get fucked.

@valrus @Gargron Around here they can't even be bothered to always stay in the bike lanes, much less follow traffic laws, stop at lights, hand signal, wear protection, or not jump into pedestrian turf where they legally don't belong according to local ordinance. They're an absolute terror.

They're completely unaccountable and until someone is peeling them off the road with a spatula, I don't think a single one is going to learn.

@bluestarultor @valrus @Gargron this is hilarious...

I can guarantee that you have never ever been on a bike on the roads, if you did you would not be repeatedly embarrassing yourself in this way. Try it, give it a couple of years, then you will see the truth!! If you like that long that is...

@kel @valrus @Gargron I'm going to say how else do you think I got around before I could drive?

But you aren't actually interested in that, are you?

Truth is I'm very done with this and won't be told I'm embarrassing myself with my own experiences.


@bluestarultor @valrus @Gargron

Yet you are repeating all the lies and accusing every cyclist of being a potential Darwin Award winner... not exactly being generous, so what did you expect?

Truth is you are an aggressive car owner who enjoys their privilege and refuses to admit that other road users have a higher priority based on extreme vulnerability than you do and it is you who doesn't;t want to hear this.

Please stop driving, you are a menace!

@bluestarultor @valrus @Gargron

p.s. nothing personal, all car drivers by definition are hateful creatures who want to destroy their environment and the planet by default!

Please, I beg you, stop pumping poisonous gasses into the atmosphere!

@Gargron good article!

It missed the point about the poisonous fumes car drivers feel they have the right to pump out into the atmosphere killing thousands more every year - car drivers are murderers - end of story!!

If you drive a car, I see you as a second class citizen, someone who puts their own selfishness above all else.

Like all anti-social violent behaviour - car driving needs to be stopped completely and permanently!

There - I said it!


Have a lovely day 😀

@Gargron That article is amazingly warped. A great example of what is wrong with liberals: the entitlement, the arrogance, knowing all the answers, and of course the compliance with the hateful, bigoted liberal narratives.

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