@Gargron So of course #ElonMusk is on board. Wish that dude would just go fuck off to Mars already.

@Gargron and I say it again..


shucks, that one PF song applies to so much nowadays.

@Gargron Oh, christ, that's horrid.

When all you have is a blockchain, everything looks like a nail.

@Gargron this sounds like the sort of thing that exists solely to trick investors and for once I hope that it is
@Gargron Sounds like the social credit system in China, why would anyone want to be a part of something like that? Sure, it doesn't have any impact on anything yet, but it's only a matter of time before important decisions such as whether some gets a job or whatnot will be affected by this. Absolute nonsense.....

@antanicus @Gargron ma quindi se ho ben inteso significa che è stata creata una borsa in criptomonete che specula sui contenuti social? quindi se la comunità stabilisce che essere razzisti è valore questo aumenta o viceversa? se fosse così, sarebbe pericoloso o sbaglio?

@ilpugliese è esattamente così, la gamificazione del nulla trasformata in monetizzazione


Horrendous, but whatever way we look at things, we are heading towards, or already in, a society in which a financial value is placed on every 'lump of living flesh'.

How can it be stopped?

@Gargron everything that's ever been wrong with the internet in one place? Yikes... I really hope for the sake of humanity that this fails badly.

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