Mastodon's monthly active user numbers have risen by 84,579 since the Twitter buyout story broke on Monday (and I do mean across the Mastodon network, not this server)


Mastodon has gained 106,723 monthly active users since the end of March (when Elon bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares). 93,603 are new accounts. Overall that's a 42% increase in Mastodon's MAU.

@Gargron Interactions are a lot like the early days of Twitter.

@atomicpoet @Gargron Yeah. Pretty much just people talking to each other like normal human beings, instead of trying to come up with 'a banger'.

@narohdethan @Gargron Or blue checks quote tweeting you so their sycophant hordes can witness the dunk.

@lashman @atomicpoet @Gargron It's honestly very scary. On Twitter, everyone is one 'wrong' QRT away of being dogpiled, being harassed and possibly doxxed.

@lashman @narohdethan @Gargron Here's a true story. Back in 2016, I said that Trump is actually Jesus Christ who's returned to Earth. It was sarcasm, and anyone aware of the tweet in context would know that.

Fast forward to this year, some angry dude was looking for dirt on me, resurrected that tweet, and said I was a secret Trump cultist creating dissension within liberal ranks.

All this because he misunderstood another tweet that he found through search.

@lashman @atomicpoet @Gargron Damn, I'm sorry that happened to you. In any case, imagine leading such a life that they felt the need of spending their precious, limited time on Earth trying to discredit someone for Internet clout.

@narohdethan @lashman @Gargron Such is the Internet. The stakes are low, but we'll act like every argument is like a battle in the Lord of the Rings.

@atomicpoet @lashman @narohdethan The technology here doesn't really prevent or even discourage from quote-dunking, nor could it really. You can post a direct link to a post or a screenshot and "lmao" on top of it just as easily.

Digging up dirt on the other hand is actually less trivial than on the centralized silos, because searching the fediverse is hard.

@pingviini @lashman @narohdethan It's not hard but it's still a barrier to entry. As inconsequential as it sounds, taking a screenshot and then uploading it takes more work than a one-click QRT.

@atomicpoet @lashman @narohdethan True, particularly on phones. I still sometimes forget that to the vast majority of people their social media is primarily, often exclusively, an app. I still hate posting from my phone.

@pingviini @atomicpoet @narohdethan yup, i was about to say the same - people are generally lazy, and most of them won't even want to bother going through the trouble of screenshotting stuff :P

@lashman @pingviini @atomicpoet @narohdethan Yep. Somehow I've avoided being on either end of that phenomenon my self, but I've known others who have.

@atomicpoet @lashman I'm not sure if I'm gonna completely delete my birdsite account (too much history in game dev stuff) but I should definitely delete my old tweets. Stuff like this scares me.

@atomicpoet @lashman @narohdethan @Gargron Sadly Certain Emotions Very Hard To Read Both Online & In Person, Especially Sarcasm :/

Also Say You Did Believe, & Later Changed Mind On New Information, Or State Of Mind, Etc,

No One Should Then Question The New Found You/Changes Of Opinions Either :/ :)

@atomicpoet @lashman @narohdethan @Gargron a sadly good example of how Twitter became such a toxic mess. Unless you were saying things like that all the time, they had to know you weren't being serious

@emmaslens @lashman @narohdethan @Gargron No, the original tweet of mine was a response to a dumpster fire of a Christian film called The Trump Prophecy.

@emmaslens @lashman @narohdethan @Gargron Sadly, Q Anon came along and later became an actual Trump cult. Which goes to show that whatever you joke about will eventually come true.

@atomicpoet @lashman @narohdethan @Gargron okay, they had to know you were joking . Twitter grudges are something else.

@atomicpoet @Gargron I know, I feel like I have my neighborhood back, because the old one got gentrified to heck and none of the nice people could afford to live in that mess anymore.

@Gargron I remember there used to be a bit that showed daily graphs of active/new users and posts by hour.

@carbontwelve @Gargron There's a bot I follow that shows exactly that information.

@mathlover2 thank you. That looks like it’s a maintained fork of the one I used to follow.

@mathlover2 @carbontwelve It'd be neat to get a dump of their mastostats.csv file, which presumably has years of data in it. I'd open a github Issue, but they disabled Issues for that repo.

@Gargron Can we look for trending hashtags or trenting posts of other instances?
If not is it possible to be done?

@Gargron Would be nice for example to look what's on a news instance trending, to see the news, look to a music content instance trendings to look for music etc...

@loveisgrief Yes, but can I see trending hashtags and top posts of another specific instance?

Not that I know of. It's of all instances connected to the current one, I think

@Gargron Have the Local and Federated timelines been disabled on .Social or can they just not keep up with the influx? I'm just seeing emptiness here... :cwy:

@dheadshot @Gargron yes, it's because of the server overload. It's been disabled temporary.

I recommend you to move/migrate your account to other server

@rohmatsb @Gargron I'm not migrating - I've been here for 4 years...

I have a second account on another server anyway: .

@rohmatsb @Gargron Looks like federated is from the Official TootSuite frontend, but not the local and not from any other web frontend?

@Gargron Hopefully they all stay on Mastodon 😄​ great work you all are doing!

So there’re missing just a few new users to top twitter.

@Gargron What do you get a guy like Elon as a thank you gift, when he pays $44B for a toy.

@Gargron what's activity like, though? I'm concerned that a lot of those accounts are panic-parks, rather than people who end up actually staying and engaging. It still feels like a bit of a desert out here sometimes.

@Gargron I think i like this app much better than Twitter and am getting use to it.

@schwa Each server has their own MAU on their frontpage (when you're logged out, that is). Combined MAU is summing all of them up together from a list of servers that exist.

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