Deutsche Bahn a complete circus today. Not a single train on my journey without massive delays. I’ve missed every connection along my path.

@Gargron last time I did a long train trip with DB, bought the ticket online.

The first train of that trip did not existed... I checked the schedules in the station board when I got there and there was no such train.

@Gargron With DB, for long trips I actually started taking trains earlier than what I need just to compensate for the likely delays and missed connections.


Ever tried long distance car travel during summer holidays?

@Gargron I realized that you live in Germany... any you commute to an office? or was your Journey for a Vacation?

@pixelcode @Gargron whenever i cross into germany on a train, my phone reception immediately drops to edge (at most) and the train randomly stops mid-route gathering massive delays.
punctuality and tech. advancement - two german core virtues instantly busted. 😆

I have insider tips that it's mostly because of the infrastructure. DieBahn neglected taking care of it for years and now, everybody is a victim.

Add to this that there is a lack of train drivers, meaning there's always a risk on this side too.

And it's a waterfall from there on.

@Gargron Paris -> Hamburg in 2018. Just 😱. Nonexistent trains… always in a hurry to catch a train replacing the one planified, usually at a different time, sometimes demanding some change in the route… even worse than French SNCF :)

@gargron first world problems! And also there was no AC, right?

How would you solve this problem? What predictive optimization problems would you came up to solve such an issue?

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