@Gargron “Specifically, Musk used “an Internet application called the ‘Botometer’—which applies different standards than Twitter does and which earlier this year designated Musk himself as highly likely to be a bot,” Twitter said.“

ah yes, Twitter dumb, Elon Musk googling website for bot checking übermensch smuort

@Moon that is not necessarily true. Some giant businesses produce accurate reports (most of them internal) for financial purposes.
@xerz @Gargron


Hey! I regularly can't pass CAPTCHAs. Probably, because I'm just another bot.

@Gargron I mean,,,

That is not necessarily an indictment of the tool.

@Gargron Probably because he is continually retweeted, quoted, paraphrased, etc. by his army of fanboys. There are a million accounts out there basically regurgitating the same bullshit, which is the most basic definition of bot.

@Gargron So the Musk Test is basically a Turing test that can't tell brands apart from people who act like brands?

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