There won't be confirmation (or any other) e-mails for a time as the monthly sending quota has been consumed by bot accounts (which I am banning en masse)


Ugh, bot accounts. So annoying. Well thank you for all your work.

Its appreciated by many.

@Natureshadow @Gargron If you're paying some (external) provider to deliver your mails: Yes.

@gargron does this affect password reset after you forgot your password?

@TheConstructor @Gargron since that those come by email too, I assume so

Reaching the quota makes you unable to send any more emails

Do note that Gar was talking about their instance, your own instance has its own servers, quotas and email service providers

@millie @gargron I know that, I was just wondering. The other emails are probably mostly optional, but password reset is often broken, when emails cannot be send. Maybe something you should display to users looking for password reset, if not already done.

@Gargron any chance to raise this limit if we collect enough money for you to pay for the next tier at your mail provider?

@Gargron What makes a bot being bad? When it would cause excessive amount of emails to be sent?

@PowerfullJohnny @Gargron when a whole bunch try to sign up for accounts en masses. Since bots can create accounts tirelessly, it can overwhelm a system.

@GreatBigTable @Gargron Oh, so making a bot which would just post some info at some interval (like once or twice per day or so) and nothing else is fine?

@PowerfullJohnny @Gargron o guess you would have to check the rules of your specific mastodon instance.

@Gargron you get what you want. this is the result of forcing users to verify via email.
@GreatBigTable @Gargron if you really want to keep bad users out, the only way is to manually verify.

@dada 812K comptes, à un moment faut pas venir pleurer... si c'est ça le but du fediverse

@z3r0deus @Gargron what about using pleroma instead of mastodon, where whether email verification is required can be controlled by the site admin?
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