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I dunno folks, "federation" is network topology, it does not necessate a presence of n different implementations to count as such. Saying things like Mastodon switching to a newer federated protocol is Mastodon moving away from federation is nonsense imo. Before Mastodon came along GNU social had the hegemony in the space, and implemented a couple GS-only APIs which were frustrating to encounter.

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@Gargron it's Mastodon deprecating older protocols that some people see as reducing federation. However that's a good thing, the alternative leads to stagnation.

@szbalint I mean, we don't have the power to "deprecate" it on somebody else's behalf - we're just moving on from it ourselves.


Saying things like Mastodon switching to a newer federated protocol is Mastodon moving away from federation is nonsense imo

Of course this breaks the federation when Mastodon is "so big" that you think about to not support the older protocols any longer. Federation means that the communication works between partners with different protocols - Federation doesn't mean that Mastodon can tell the to all others which sole protocol has to be used. @thomas 

@hikerus @thomas No this is exactly nonsense. Federation is not multi-protocol. In fact that's absolute nonsense because GNU social isn't multi-protocol either, it's OStatus. We're embracing a better W3C standard.

@gargron @hikerus @thomas So does this mean that Mastodon and GS will no longer be able to communicate?

@mark @thomas @hikerus Well y'all completely ignoring the absolutely muddy timeframes we're talking about. OStatus is not going away in the next minor release, nor in the next major release.

@gargron But why I don't get posts from Mastodon accounts which I follow? @thomas @mark
@gargron In fact Federation is multi protocol. Federation is not when someone (you?) decides to switch the protocol for every one. If you will support a newer one - no problem. But then you should support also the older one - without that you are breaking Federation. @thomas

@hikerus @Gargron No, federation is not "multi-protocol". Just because XMPP is a single protocol doesn't mean it doesn't make a federated network of all s2s enabled servers. OStatus compatible servers federate with each other, ActivityPub compatible servers federate with each other, and currently masto is compatible with both.

@sixthhokage1 Federation has basically nothing to do with protocols. When a network claims to be "federated" then the nodes should be able to communicate to each others. Just now GnuSocial, Friendica and Diaspora were able to communicate correctly. Mastodon came up later and it seems not to be able to communicate correctly with recent used protocol. Mastodon wants to introduce a new one. But then federation is broken. @gargron
@hikerus Unless it is an unanimous agreement on one protocol that shall be used by all parties.