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Can we do it so German government can only use open source software? Governments hiring private agencies to program for them is a disaster

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Too bad the German pirate party is but a joke at this point, I don't know how that happened

@lanodan_wtch no, it's worst: the French PP was a joke from the start and never did anything useful. The German one did (and I don't know its state today)

@gargron Well, at least Germany's got the CCC, which seems to be accepted as an external instance featuring tech expertise, and which politicians take seriously (it's not just a bunch of hackers anymore)

@Gargron Not sure that'd help, government IT projects are always a disaster

@Gargron the fucking logo for the thing too

and have you seen the website

@Gargron The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, there's a case to be made that if a contractor builds a piece of software for the government, it should be available to all citizens under a permissive license (with exceptions for state secrets, and such).

The taxpayers get to use roads, right? If the taxes paid for the software, taxpayers should be able to see and verify what has been produced with it - the source code must be publicly available.

@Gargron Well… maybe that works for Germany but in other countries there is tolls on highways. (mostly because they are made by corporations I think… damn I hate this.)

I am worried that in 2017 somebody in the government could still think that open source means insecure because people can see the code.

@Gargron @tekk @xj9 Sadly, I hear exactly that from some government tech folks.

@Gargron it's pretty much a certainty. Security through obscurity is a very appealing concept to a generation brought up during the cold war...

@Gargron I worked in IT at a large state university here in Michigan (let's just say their football stadium has a nickname that rhymes with "Dig Mouse") and their IT security "experts" held that belief too 😦

No way the people who are talking about "volunteer cyber fire departments", "waging cyber wars" and "hacking back as a means of security" could think that.

@Gargron in the US at least it is more reasonable to trust your activity at a casino is secure than your voting activity for this reason.

@Gargron I think it's okay for govts to hire people to make software as long as the software is made FLOSS