Can we do it so German government can only use open source software? Governments hiring private agencies to program for them is a disaster

The taxpayers get to use roads, right? If the taxes paid for the software, taxpayers should be able to see and verify what has been produced with it - the source code must be publicly available.


I am worried that in 2017 somebody in the government could still think that open source means insecure because people can see the code.

@Gargron it's pretty much a certainty. Security through obscurity is a very appealing concept to a generation brought up during the cold war...

@Gargron I worked in IT at a large state university here in Michigan (let's just say their football stadium has a nickname that rhymes with "Dig Mouse") and their IT security "experts" held that belief too 😦

No way the people who are talking about "volunteer cyber fire departments", "waging cyber wars" and "hacking back as a means of security" could think that.
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