v1.6.0rc4 is out:

Pretty sure it's stabilizing now. RC1 came out 7 days ago. So it's about time for final release, just gotta have this one brew for one more day.

What this one does, for the first time, it fetches the toots/following/followers numbers from remote instances. We still won't display content that's not stored locally, but at least the numbers give you the right idea.

It also fixes language filters that were working wonky. It doesn't fix that language detection is not 100% reliable, but it does fix that the options in the preferences actually correspond to the output format of the language detector 😂

For example, CLD3 returns the code "iw" for Hebrew, even though that code has been deprecated and it's "he" now. So it fixes that kinda thing.

Upon @shel's notification I have added the "mute conversation" button to all own toots, not just ones in notifications column, so you can stop notifications for a toot before you start getting them.

Upon @halcy's notification I made it so if the `visibility` param in the POST /api/v1/statuses request is missing, the user preference for default privacy is used instead of public.

The embed codes now contain a <script> along with the <iframe>, which ensures that the iframe's height corresponds with the iframe content's height. If the script doesn't load, you just get scrollbars on the iframe.

Hopefully I can do the final release tomorrow. Gotta prepare the fanfares - remember, it's a big deal.

None of this would be possible without the support of my Patrons. Thank you.


List of sponsors:

@gargron @shel @halcy mmm there was a reason we did this... I think it was because "mute notification" only affects notifications, it doesn't mute things from e.g. the timeline

@nightpool @shel I don't think there's such confusion from the way I did it.

@gargron @shel okay! just trying to make sure we remember *why* we made certain design decisions so we don't revert them w/o taking that into account

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