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@Gargron it's also useful in that it means all users would get to see admin notices for their instance

@Gargron main drawback I could see is admins getting flooded with follow notifications when there's a burst of new signups

@theoutrider @gargron frankly I see that as a benefit. i love knowing when new people sign up so I can welcome them.

@nightpool @Gargron yeah, I'm mostly thinking of things like France Discovers Masto

@theoutrider @gargron admins are the power-est of power users, i'm not *too* worried.

@nightpool @theoutrider @Gargron One workaround that Diaspora has is that new users are encouraged to post an introduction with #NewHere in the status. Some community members like to act as a welcoming party and greet them.

@deadsuperhero @nightpool @theoutrider @gargron I personally think the onboarding of diaspora with the newhere hashtag is really bad. I've tried it twice on different instances, first on joindiaspora years ago and later on datataffel, where I have my current d* presence. Both times gave me nothing of value from my newhere post, I didn't find any interesting people, and there is no discoverability not filled with bots and news.

@zatnosk @nightpool @theoutrider @Gargron It could definitely be better. They used to feature a Community Spotlight, which was good for early user discovery. I've always felt that Diaspora lacked a proper user directory - Friendica and Hubzilla have them, and users can opt in to a shared global directory between instances.

I will also admit that the bot posts have seriously hurt original content discovery.

@gargron or let them follow "interesting ppl" defined by the admin as on diaspora

@Gargron yeah, I think that would help with optics

@Gargron It's mostly harmless, but isn't it kind of useless too? Surely most people who join instances won't do so w/o reading who runs them. Also, if you're making an aux account for some specific purpose, maybe one that should keep a fairly low profile, isn't it counterproductive to be showing up in the followers (maybe following?) list of someone with a lot of exposure immediately? I like stuff that doesn't assume how I'm going to use the resources it gives me I guess

@mhu2141ai @Gargron hmmm maybe part of the account creation process defaulted on?

@bea @Gargron Yeah, then I'd just kind of shrug. I still, just on principle, don't think software should assume exactly -how- you're going to use it though

@mhu2141ai @bea It's not like the admin is ever oblivious to you making an account, so I don't think that makes a difference. Notification flooding is a potential problem but we could just avoid creating a notification for such automated follows. Not sure what's better.

@Gargron @mhu2141ai i would prefer to have the notifications personally because i like welcoming people

if a new user signs up and does not post publicly i have no idea about it

@Gargron @bea Sure, the admin knows. But the admin knowing in and of itself doesn't expose you to anyone -else-

@Gargron Let all users follow me on default so they can practise unfollowing

@Pasty @Gargron nah, just make them follow all of, I'm sure the admins won't mind :^)

@Gargron yea but i'd like to designate the account & not just the 100s my admin account follows but a up-to-date list of folks for this specific use-case.

@Gargron I like that! It beats having a completely void TL at start, and if people need help with something, they have somebody to turn to immediately (though that could be draining for you and other admins, dnsnsm)

Oh wow, 43 for and only 7 against. Looks like this is what we were looking for. Thanks @nightpool!

@gargron glad it's popular! it's a strategy that's worked really really well for other social networks in the past and I think it works even *better* with mastodon then it does for them

also it gives me a reason to whip my account in to shape lol :P

you should also swing by when you get a minute, wrote up some other thoughts on this class of problems.

I think this is nice because it helps make a sense of community on the instance, plus people have at this point chosen an instance based on the admins' decisions re the instance. So it's actually based somewhat on their decisions.

Plus I love my instance admins :)


And a random selection of volunteer instance users who want to be welcoming to new folks.