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If you wanna tell your friends about Mastodon, either invite them directly to your instance, or use this link:

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Bonus points: On that page you'll find a press kit containing lots of cute elephant artworks

And finally, if you want to have a desktop as cute as mine, get the wallpaper from here:

@Gargron Who do I need to credit when using the press kit?

@Gargron Oh, on that topic, is there a clean copy of the Mastodon logo shape somewhere?


You know that some of us don't want to tell people about Masto right? It's like when you find the best spot - it's special only because it's a secret spot.

@Gargron @NattyGov right but then again some of us might want to share this with select friends to make this place even better. The wit of strangers is nice but after a while you want the comfort of the idiocy of your friends 😆

@NattyGov @Gargron

If you don't want to tell your friends about Mastodon, use this link:

@sydneyfalk @NattyGov @Gargron Isn't that for "friends" you don't "actually" want to "connect" with